The Weekend Finds


The the music maker and I took a trip down the freeway to go thrifting (he looks for records to sample)and fabric searching. He found the exact sample used on his new favorite CD panacea. (I don’t know how he can recognize single drumb beats and teeny loops but I guess that’s what happens when you spend most of your life chopping up, rearranging, combinding and creating music). Any way, I had no luck with fabric that day but I did find these two cookbooks. Everything in them looks great, and what’s even better they are full of sauces. The music maker loves his sauces, if there is something wrong with a dish his comment is “I think it would be better with a sauce”. The next day (in attempt to free myself from the grasp of the etsy forums, I went to our local fabric shops and as you can see I went on a buying spree. I’ve decided this is the year we will have a respectable tree skirt, not just a blanket drapped over the plastic base.

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