Watch It: Forbidden Kingdom

We watched it last weekend (yes we paid full price, that doesn’t happen often). I thought it was great. It’s not your typical kung fu movie though. Don’t go thinking House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger. This will sound weird but you should think more Neverending Story, Princess Bride, and Karate Kid.

It was fun, engaging, had great fight scenes, good story, and beautiful costumes. I really liked it. It’s PG-13 in a good way, so no sex or really bad words and not overrun with bathroom humor like most of the so-called entertainment these days. The musicmaker didn’t like it as much as I did but he enjoyed it (I think he was hoping for one of the more traditional kungfu flicks and I wasn’t totally in that mood when we went so it was a pleasant surprise for me.) Go watch Forbidden Kingdom


  1. Ahhh. Will definitely be adding this movie to our “must see” list!

  2. We should have seen this instead of half of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Totally gross.

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