RaeGun Shopping Week: Day 1 for the Heads and Toes

This is the last week to buy things from my shop in order to get them by Christmas. To celebrate the beginning of advent this week I want to do a massive, shopping guide. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite finds hopefully in time for you to get your hands on them. This first hat above is by the knittybittyapparel. I bought one like it for baby Lanna, I haven’t received it yet but I’m so excited! She’s lovely to work with and has a store full of great stuff. Please note that she’s a bit backed up so if you want the chance of getting something by Christmas go to the store now and order.

I’ve had these darling booties from frostingcouture’s shop favorited for a long time. I also really like these sassy slippers.

SaraLamont has this adorable hats. One is on it’s way for little Tira but I almost bought her this cute one. In fact if she’ll tolerate the hat I bought her I may very well buy this one too! It was so hard to decide, SaraLamont is fill with tons of awesome hats some stuff for the boys too.

Some kicks for the boys by subarplumbtree . I’ve got tons of girly stuff hearted from the shop too. So many cute shoes.

Jessica from noggins can help you keep the boys heads toasty too. This one is such a great color and lucky for you it’s on sale! Of course she’s got stuff for the girls and the grown ups too.

I hope you guys have fun shopping, remember that for most etsy stores that make things to order this is the last week to order in time for Christmas. So if you plan on having some handmade goodness as part of your Christmas this year the clock is ticking. Lots of us will have ready to ship stuff to order for a week or so after but that’s still not much time to decide. Check in all week for my fun shopping picks.

p.s. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to posting more fancy Christmas things, but I can report that I have been making progress on my dissertation. New stuff is on the way but one of the things that comes from my decision to finish school is that shop updates are slower but I always welcome custom orders (they give me the extra push you know) or suggestions if you guys have things you want me to start making.

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  1. Hi Marissa! Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog—it just made my day—and it’s a very busy hat making day today ;-) Take care!! Stacey

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