Naughty Time: Loy Krathong

Contrary to no one by my on belief I cannot update two blogs on a regular basis. What that means is that I’m putting my personal blog to rest so you all will just have to get to know me a little better which mostly just means you’ll have to see more pics of the naughties and maybe tolerate a bit of ranting if someone rubs me the wrong way :) .

Last week we celebrated Loy Krathong . In Thailand during Loy Krathong, the water ways and skies are filled with lights. Floating flower creations are topped with candles and beautiful lanterns are rigged with flames and released into the night sky believed to take the bad things away. While some do celebrate it religiously we just did it as an excuse to do some Thai cultural stuff and dress up the naughties.

My mom made the krathongs which for having no car and just pillaging her apartment complex I believe turned out excellent. Yes we handed Tira and Lanna the flamming floats and yes when we told Tira to put it in the water, she chucked it (must remember to explain more to the two year old) and yes both of them tried to blow the candles out like on birthday cakes. But they looked cute, we had yummy Thai food and it was fun.

to the right: my sister with her babes (Tira complete with her so very Thai, tacky plastic red high heels)

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