Naughty Time: Santa Stories

This year Tira LOVES Santa. If she sees him out and about she wants to go look. She’s taken at least two free Santa pics this year that I know of (possibly more). Lanna does not like Santa, at all. And while I’m so tempted to get into the deep issues about playing the Santa game (it’s one of the hot topics among my friends) I’ll spare you. Instead, because it’s naughty time, I’ll just recount an episode from last week.

So, we were all in my living room (me, uncle (that would be my hubby), my sister, the naughties and grandma). Lanna starts being naughty (trying to stand on the coffee table or something), nothing new, she’s a mischievous one. Now, I’ve been in the Old Navy and the Hobby Lobby when my sister or mom would pick up the cell phone and ‘call Santa’ to tell him that Tira was being naughty so what follows is not that weird. But anyways, the next thing we know Tira has my sister’s cell phone open and is angrily talking a mile a minute, mind you she’s two so she’s not the most articulate of speakers, but she very distinctly said the words “Lanna” “Naughty” “Naughty List” “No Presents” and it gets better “Tira” “Good Girl” “Lot’s Presents” over and over.

Haha she’s awesome.


  1. That’s hilarious!

  2. Ha! That’s good chuckle!! Ya know, when we lived in AZ my son asked how the Easter Bunny left the eggs and candy without getting cactus needles in it’s butt. <>

    Anyway, thanks for your comment love on my Revamp Lamp post. Now that I’ve been here, I am adding your blog to my reader. :-)

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