Tomorrow is Moving Day!

Saturday is moving day (and I am SO excited) so I don’t have much time but I did want to mention a few things that I realized that I hadn’t blogged about.

Dress up Drawer

First, Jamie at the Dress up Drawer is giving away a pair of my sweetheart ruffle bums (the light pink ones I showed you on my diaper cover give away which ahem is still open). Apparently she asked her readers who they’d like to see a giveaway from and I was one of their top choices, pretty cool eh? So head over, she’s got a bunch of other really cute giveaways open too. You’ll have to scroll down to see mine.

Also I can’t believe this slipped my mind but I’ve been writing articles for Modern Handmade Child a online children’s magazine. I’m a contributor for the “wear” section which is about kiddo fashion. They don’t have my pic/blub up yet but I’ve sent it over so hopefully it’ll be up soon. It’s really a pretty cool magazine with cool handmade finds, craft ideas, recipes and interesting topics for families. A new issue is coming out soon but in the meantime you can take a look at the Winter issue. Let me know if you have ideas for fashion articles for the Summer issue. Have a great weekend, hopefully I’ll be full of happy new home reports for you on Monday (or Tuesday if our internet isn’t up by then)


  1. Good luck and remember all this is about to be over, you can do anything for just a bit longer.
    Cha Cha

  2. Hope you have a smooth move!

    Ideas: How to transform a long-sleeved shirt into something cute for summer?

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