RaeGun Finds: New Pouch for my New Calorie Counter and Swagbucks

So if you’re a blog cruiser like I am you’ve probably come across people talking about swagbucks. I joined a couple months ago (for free) but I wanted to try it all out (i.e. redeem a gift) before I posted about it. I’m REALLY happy with it. What you see above is my what I got with some of my rewards (more about that below).

Swagbucks is a website that gives you online money (swagbucks), for using their search engine that you can redeem for prizes and gift cards. You can earn points by shopping through their site. finding their codes on their blog or facebook, refering friends and recycling old cell phones but mostly I just use their search engine. Their search engine combines Ask and Google so you get a good quality search. They do have sponsor adds mixed in which is sometimes annoying but my attitude is that I can pay attention on what I click on (you know notice whether it says sponsor in front) if I’m getting free stuff.

Anyways it didn’t take me long (maybe 6 weeks) to earn enough swagbucks to redeem two 5$ Amazon gift cards (and I’ve almost got enough for two more and it’s only been like 3 weeks -they started giving more away!). I put the 10$ to this nifty new calorie counter. Which of course needed a protective cover but instead of spending money on a boring old one I decided to whip this cute little pouch from some scraps I had and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve got nothing but good things to say about CalorieSmart;s Handheld Calorie Counter with USB (CS100S) it isn’t cheap but I really like it plus with the help of my swagbucks it cut the cost. I could have waited until I earned more but I really wanted it. I had this cheaper one but it didn’t keep a log of my food (only a tally of calories, fat, etc.) plus the new one connects to my computer so I can email my trainer my list of what I ate that week and if I had a good or bad week I can easily go see what was going on food-wise. It does log exercise but I haven’t fiddled with that part much. If you’re a list calorie counting freak like me I’d totally recommend the calorie smart.

And for everyone else I really recommend checking out swagbucks it’s worth it to download the toolbar or add the swagbuck search bar to your current tool bar (these things just make searching way easier but they aren’t necessary to earn the swagbucks). You’ll only win swagbucks a couple times a day so even if you don’t like the search after you win you can go back to using another search engine and go back to the swagbucks one later. Anyways it’s been super nice to me so I thought I’d share, after all you’re probably searching regularly anyways why not get paid to do it.

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