Fitness Journal: Week 27

It was my first time back to swim class in over a month. It was so nice. And as much as I’ve felt flat out tired from the time change it’s been so nice to go to training with the sun still out and shinning. Oh I did 3 pull ups not in a row but 3 one time each, my back/abs weirdness still isn’t gone so I couldn’t properly try 2 in a row. I’m up half a pound, I didn’t eat the best but I don’t think I ate that much. Oh well my energy level was kinda weird this week so maybe it’s hormonal too.
3/10/2011 145
I’m 5’5 but have a small frame
(I think I’m going for 135 and we’ll see from there)

Nutrition Breakdown:

daily calorie average: 1536 based on 6 days but I think the incomplete day was a pretty high day

H: Strength Training
F: Bike 40 min
S: none
S: Day off
M: Swim class
T: Strength Training
W: Bike 35 min 5 mi Walk 25 min

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  1. A half pound is nothing. You’ll lose it again in no time. I wish we had a pool I could use right now!

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