Butterfly Birthday Party Part II: The Food

To me besides the company, a lot of what makes a good party is the food. We had loads of fun prepping the table and eating the food at T’s butterfly birthday. One of my favorite buffet decorations is actually not found on the table. I love hanging things from the ceiling. This time we hung butterflies that we cut out of scrap book paper that we used in a lot of the decorations through out the house.

I was lucky enough to snag some awesome tree clippings that I grabbed from in front of the local grocery store while they were trimming their trees. After sticking some more cut out butterflies on them I thought it made for a really darling centerpiece.

My mom made the cutest and most delicious vegan pudding ‘dirt’ cups topped with darling butterflies. She also whipped up this really tasty white bean dip. Seriously I called her up today to ask her to make me a batch because I’ve been craving it since the party.

My sister whipped up our trusty cowboy caviar and some pigs in a blanket, because all parties should have pigs in a blanket. At least that’s what Al Roker said when he suggested the specialty for Will and Kate’s wedding. Can you even imagine?

As if the pudding wasn’t enough my mom also made these cute dirt cupcakes. Do you see those butterflies and flowers? She made those too, aren’t they adorable.

We had two salad options, a Blue Cheese Avocado Cranberry Salad and for our vegan (and non-blue cheese eating) friends a Strawberry Pine Nut Balsamic Vingerette Salad.

The naughties helped to make really cute butterfly cookies (you can kinda see them in the first two pictures, they are on the top tier of the wire stand). I made some marshmallow pops. Seriously who doesn’t like a puffy marshmallow dipped in chocolate on a stick? Yeah that’s what I thought but my sister also made some delicious fruit kabobs and guess what the kiddos reached for first, the fruit, awesome huh?

Finally as an attempt to have some real food I whipped up some good old Mac and Cheese, birthday girl’s request, as well as a Vegan Creamy Pesto Pasta dish. So that’s the food. We had loads of fun gorging ourselves. I was thoroughly stuffed and had a happy tummy. Let me know if you want any of the recipes. And if you missed part one of the party you can see it here.

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