Customer Appreciation Pic: Memory Quilt from Sun Suit

Stacey over at Elle Belle Creations emailed me last week to let me know about this darling quilt she made for her daughter from a bunch of the little one’s outfits including one she ordered from me.

Each of those little blocks are pieces of outfits, with all different designs and textures. She used a section of ruffles from one of the rufflers that she bought from me and said that she’s saving another for her daughter to pass down to her own little ones. How cool is this project and how flattered do I feel to get to be apart of their family history in this neat way? Anyways check out the whole post with lots of pictures over here.


  1. Aww thanks for sharing! Of course your lovely handiwork made the cut… the memories of her toddling around in those little ruffle butts below her soft bare back… it just doesn’t get better than that!

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