Babbles 20 Best Halloween Costumes from Etsy

I feel so honored to have two (maybe three) costumes featured in Babbles Top 20 Kid Halloween Costumes. How cool is that? It’s a really lovely article about how the author wants to keep the tradition of Handmade Kid Costumes strong in her family and even for those how don’t have the abilities or time to do the hand making themselves (or have family members to call on for the task) Etsy provides some great options. She picked some amazing costumes. Check out the full article here.

They picked my Pebbles and Bam Bam Costumes pointing out that people can buy them together or separately.

And my new for this year Harry Potter inspired Gryffindor Student Costume which I do with or without ruffles for both girls and boys.

And a big shout out to Marci of Lilikins who gave me the heads up about the article. If you guys ever see me featured anywhere please let me know since usually I have no idea. Most bloggers don’t have time to notify everyone they feature and even though I have a little google alert but many times that doesn’t work so I really really appreciate it when some tells me.


  1. I love the HP baby outfit. Too bad I don’t have any little ones to get that for.

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  3. Are your pebbles and bambam true size, do they run big or small?

  4. Kris they are pretty true to size except for the 0-3 sizes run big feel free to email me or message me on etsy (your email is set to private or else I would have replied directly)

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