What I’ve Been Reading: Dark Days Edition

Before I get to what I’ve been reading if you’re in SLC this Wednesday at the Downtown Library from 7-9 pm the Dark Days Tour with Veronica Roth (Divergent – you all know my obsession), Dan Wells ( Partials – loved loved loved that book), Aprilynne Pike (Wings series super cute reads) and S.J Kincade (Insignia haven’t gotten my hands on this yet but so excited to) . I’d love to say hi in person if you’re going to be there let me know so I can keep my eyes out for you.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie and since I haven’t done a what I’ve been reading post for a while I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. There have been quite a few that I really enjoyed and a handful that I couldn’t finish or just wouldn’t recommend.

Loved these, totally recommend them, you should make time for them if you have similar taste as me. I’ll let you read my reviews and the synopsis on Goodreads to get more of info. You can find all my reviews and become Goodread friends (if you feel like it) here

Bitterblue by Kristen Cashore – it’s settled Cashore has a permanent place in my favorite author list. Bitterblue did not disappoint and let me tell you I had HIGH expectations. For goodness sakes in the middle of a meeting with her advisers she screams for bacon ummm yeah it was great.

Grave Mercy by Robin LeFevers – Nuns trained to kill. Gorgeous clothing descriptions and some love yeah I really liked this one. And here’s a cool interview with the author from Mundie Moms.

Half-Blood and Pure by – I’m torn here because part of me feels weird recommending these books that seem to be blatant copies of the Vampire Academy books that I adore. The first for sure (characters, world, plot points, etc.) but I like the direction she takes it and what is unique about these books and I like the writing. They were page turners for sure.

Golden Lily by Richelle Mead – Speaking of Vampire Academy. The second book in the spin off was delightful. I can’t get enough of Adrian and I felt like this was stronger than Bloodlines for any of you who like me didn’t think that was quite as great as the VA books.

If you’re looking for something light these are solid. These were fun. I wouldn’t bump any you’re dying to read for these but I’m happy I read them

The Steel Trapp Books by 

Evermore and Bluemoon by Alyson Noel – definitely light. It was fun enough but the second book dragged some for me. It’s not the most original of stories but it was fun

Austenland by Shannon Hale – This was cute but I was expecting to like it more than I did. I really liked the last part of the story but wanted a big more from the rest of the book but it was fun none-the-less.

Wings and Spells by Aprilynne Pike – These were fun easy reads. I like the second one better since you already have the fairy world set up. I’m not really a Fae person but Pike is going to be at the Dark Days Tour and I wanted to read her stuff and I’m definitely glad I did.

I so don’t see the fuss. I go back and forth whether I regret reading some of these or if I just don’t see the fuss over them. And really some of them have major fuss you can see what bugged me about each in my reviews on Goodreads. But I understand some of these are find themselves on other people’s favorites lists so it’s just one opinion if you loved any of them I’d love you to let people know in the comments.

The Giver by Lois Lowry – I know I expect hate mail for this one but I don’t get the love fest over this. The ending is horrid and it felt like half a book with very few (if any) likeable characters. I am convinced so many people like this because it was their first dystopian which admittedly is magical but I don’t get it.

The Last Survivor Series by – Yes I read all three books after being totally depressed by the first. I just thought “people love these they have to get better, there’s got to be resolution at the end” but no absolutely no resolution. I just wanted everyone to die or for things to start looking better but I got neither of those. The mood of the third book This World We Live In is at least a little be better than the first two but goodness these were downers

And as much as I wanted to like it I could not finish Wentworth Hall I gave up around page 50 haven’t any of you pushed through and really liked it?


  1. I would read ANYTHING written by Richelle Mead. That woman is a genius!!! However, I couldn’t get past the Half-Blood series’ blatant copying of VA. I’m so in love with VA that I felt dirty reading it. :)

    oh, and mmmmm… bacon!

  2. New follower (GFC) ^^

    You’ve named some books I still want to read. The books from Kristin Cashore and Richelle Mead, Grave Mercy and Austenland.

    I read the first two Riley Bloom books from Alyson Noel and I quite like them, so I might give Evermore a shot. I heard a lot of negative things about it, though.


  3. Agree with you on Giver. I did not enjoy it. Found it painful, depressing. Perhaps it affects me this way because I’m a mother.

  4. Erin I’m was totally torn about the half-blood books and I have to admit I’m kinda jealous of your V.roth profile pic!

    Mel yes I love Cashore and Mead they are some of my most recommended. ANd i”ll have to try the other Noel books

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