What’s For Dinner: Week #162

We just had a super yummy St. Patrick’s Day feast it was full of corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, Irish soda bread, smashed potatoes and crepes for dessert. Even though all I want to do is lay around with my book I’ll be a good girl and do some work. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies, Whole Grain, Fish)
Sunday St. Patrick’s Day Feast Grains and nuts: granola bars
Veggies: Peas, Salad
Fish: Catfish
Monday Corned Beef Sandwiches and bacon potatoes
Tuesday Chicken Alfredo
Wednesday Peanut Butter Noodle Soup
Thursday Eat Out
Friday Something fishy
Saturday Rhino Sandwiches


  1. I think I am just going to come and live at your house. Mkay?

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