Happy Harry Potter Series and Huge Giveaway

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Harry Potter’s Birthday is July 31st and we are going to celebrate. I’ve gathered together over 30 fellow Potter loving bloggers for two weeks of fabulous Potterific tutorials, recipes, book reviews and giveaways. I hope you are as excited as I am about this Harry Potter series. Our first giveaway is all of this awesome stuff that you see above!
One lucky winner will get a fantastic Harry Potter prize pack including a Make Love Not Horcruxes shirt and Hogwarts House Tie Necklace from Rae Gun, A Geeky Pillow from Heart Felt Designs, Death Eater Stamp from Vkiy, A pair of Harry Potter Shoes from Hogswarts Unlimited, An Accio Book Bag and Potter Necklace from Pieces by Polly, a Mischief Managed Thought Bubble from Green Girl Art, Harry Potter Paper Dolls from Digknity and a 50$ Amazon.com gift card! Also 4 others will get a Death Eater stamp. Enter with the rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the post.
Harry Potter Photo Challenge. Instagram challenge hosted by @raegunramblings - Rae Gun Ramblings
In addition to the fun on the blog I’m doing a daily photo challenge on Instagram. Whether you join in for all of the days or just for a few let’s keep the Wizarding fun going with these photo prompts. Make sure to follow me at @raegunramblings and tag your photos #happyharrypotter so everyone can see. I’d love you to share with your favorite Potterhead since nothing is more fun than sharing this crazy obsession with fellow fans!
And now how about a little more about the awesome prize you can win!
Amazon gift card

Since I think most of you have a copy of the books I am giving a 50$ gift card to Amazon.com. Whether you want to buy the new gorgeous paperbacks, the movies, or some other Harry Potter swag who couldn’t use 50$ to Amazon?

Accio Books Harry Potter Bag - Rae Gun Ramblings

Polly of Pieces by Polly blog and shop is giving away one of these awesome Accio Books bags. If you have never visited Polly’s shop you’ll want to do that ASAP she’s got tons of Harry Potter goodies and they are SUPER affordable.

Hedwig Letter Harry Potter Necklace - Rae Gun Ramblings

Polly is also giving away one of her necklaces (be sure to see all the other options here). I have this owl letter necklace myself and it’s one of my favorites!

Marauder's Map Harry Potter Shoes - Rae Gun Ramblings

When I saw the Marauder’s Map shoes I was giddy. Hogwarts Unlimited shop also makes other Harry Potter Themed kicks as well as a few other bookish favorites. The winner is going to have a tough time picking his or her favorite!

Harry Potter Pillow - Rae Gun Ramblings

I’m not sure Harry Potter stuff gets much cuter than this Potter Pillow. Find your favorite Wizard at Heart Felt Designs shop or indulge your inner geek with Dr. Who, Star Trek, LOTR and more awesomeness. The winner gets his or her choice of pillow from Heart Felt Designs.

Death Eater Dark Mark Harry Potter Stamp - Rae Gun Ramblings

I know none of you are Death Eaters but if you want to play one on TV this awesome stamp is so fun. I might have grand plans for stamping up little Teddy when mine comes in the mail! The grand prize winner will get one of these Dark Mark Stamps but Vkiy is also generously giving 4 other winners a stamp wahoo!

Mischief Managed Thought Bubble - Rae GUn Ramblings

How sweet are these thought bubbles from Green Girl Art? She’s making a special Harry Potter bubble just for our giveaway! One Mischief Managed bubble will be going to our lucky winner.

Harry Potter paper dolls from Dignity on Etsy

Heidi of Digknity and one of my good real world, before I even had a blog, friends makes these crazy cute Harry Potter and friends paper dolls. In addition to her self designed invitations she also makes custom paper dolls. How fun would it be to get paper dolls made in the image of your kiddos or give the cutest and most original wedding present to the couple who needs nothing paper dolls that look like them! She’s giving away one set of her awesome Potter pal dolls!

make love not horcruxes shirt from Rae Gun

And from my shop I’m giving away winner’s choice of color and size of my Make Love Not Horcruxes shirt. I love my own I wear it all the time. It’s one of my favorite things to find all the secret Potter fans out in the world when they comment on my shirt!

Cute tie necklaces for each of the Hogwarts Houses. from Rae Gun

And last but not least the winner will get to pick a Hogwarts House Tie Necklace of their choice. So where did the sorting hat put you? Ready to enter? We’ve got lots of options on the rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let’s connect! You can also find me hanging out here.



  1. SOOOO excited to see what you all have to share with us over the next 2 weeks!

  2. I need the Always shoes in my life!

  3. Dawn Ritchie says:

    The shirt & necklace are my fav. :)

  4. What a great giveaway, thank you!!!
    I think my favorite shoes are the Divergent ones. :)

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words about my stuff! All of this stuff is TOO COOL! Happy Birthday Harry!

  6. I love the Harry Potter TOMS

  7. I NEED the Quidditch Toms to match my BYU-I Quidditch shirt.

  8. I love the Marauder’s Map shoes!!! So cute!

  9. Nicole U says:

    I like any of the Harry Potter Toms. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I LOVE the Harry Potter Always TOMS! They are perfect!!

  11. I love those marauders map shoes!

  12. Colette says:

    The Harry Potter Toms are great! Would make an awesome early birthday present for my sister!!! :)

  13. Would LOVE to win any of the above items!! We are a HP lovin’ family :)

  14. This is the best giveaway ever! I really like the Always shoes :)

  15. I love the Harry Potter Always Toms!!!

  16. What a fantastic giveaway and what awesome vendors!

  17. I can’t pick just one, so I’m going to pick two. The “accio books” bag and the “Make Love not Horcruxes” shirt. This is an awesome giveaway!

  18. I am dying to go to Universal and see Harry Potter world!

  19. Those shoes are so cool!

  20. I want those Harry Potter shoes so bad!

  21. Brittany Hoskins says:

    One favorite? Try them all! Love the Make Love tee!

  22. Michelle Meck says:

    Marauders Map for me! Love!

  23. Melissa says:

    If I win I will die of happiness. I love the shoes.

  24. I love the necklaces!

  25. Kristen says:

    As much as I love Harry Potter, I think my favorite Toms are the Catching Fire ones!

  26. Kristen says:

    As much as I love Harry Potter, my fave Toms are the Catching Fire ones

  27. Lillian says:

    I love the Marauders Map ones.

  28. those maurauder’s map shoes are AMAZING! Though the “always” ones are fantastic too. ooooh I want!

  29. So hard to choose! But I think I would love the shoes most. Though your shirt is pretty wicked awesome too!

    Thanks for this mega awesome giveaway.

  30. Margaret gibb says:

    So cool! Thanks for the chance!

  31. Heidi Bahlmann says:

    I really like the Marauders Map Toms.

  32. I am so excited about this!!!!! Happy Birthday, Harry!

  33. Oh, and my favorite item is the “Always” Toms. :)

  34. The always shoes

  35. Love the Maurauder’s Map shoes! Very cool!

  36. Krystal Cole says:

    I can’t decide if my favorite things at the HogwartsUnlimited shop are the marauders map toms or the Hogwarts castle toms…so tough!

  37. wow, really neat stuff!

  38. My faves are the two necklaces!

  39. I love the Marauders Map Toms and since I don’t want my girls fighting, I would just have to get them for me. ;o) I love all the Harry Potter stuff you are posting. I’m going to surprise my girls with a Harry Potter birthday party next week. I just need to figure out what I’m going to do….

  40. Michelle J. says:

    I like the Harry Potter Always Toms.

  41. As a Potterhead, I want thank you for the giveaway. But is it open for international readers?

  42. Jenna O says:

    I love the Marauders map!

  43. AHHH! I love Harry Potter so much!!! Can’t wait for my turn on the tour! The Toms are frigging amazing, love those. And the Dark Mark stamp is equally awesome as well as the Amazon Gift card, because I have been wanting to collect the hard covers of all the Potters to read to the girls at night!!! You outdid yourself Marissa!

  44. Rachel Norton says:

    I love the Quidditch Toms. SO CUTE

  45. Michaela says:

    I love the shoes with Hogwarts!

  46. helen holtan says:

    I love it all, but the shoes are incredible!

  47. I love them all and will be fighting my daughter for them :)

  48. I love everythinng

  49. I hope I win.

  50. Even though I haven’t commented much, I’ve enjoyed looking at your awesome Harry Potter posts for the last couple of weeks. So much awesomeness!

  51. I like the HP always Toms.

  52. I super love the always toms!!

  53. Love the Harry Potter TOMS with the Marauder Map on them!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Raina DelRio says:

    I love the Harry Potter TOMS

  55. The Always Shoes

  56. Erica Neff says:

    Raegun, thank you so much for the 2 weeks of Harry Potter fun! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your posts, the crafting, and connecting with so many other Potterheads via your blog and the Happy Harry Potter Photo Challenge! Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate one of the greatest stories of all time that has brought so much joy and meaning to my life!

  57. Stacy Wamble says:

    Oh man this giveaway is epic! Cool people still say epic…right? Thanks for giving us all this chance to win!!

  58. When will the winners be announced? I check your page everyday hoping to see haha! My HP loving heart can’t take the wait anymore!

  59. But who won? I’ve looked and looked.

    Team Hogwarts for the win!

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