10 Awesome YA Back to School Reads

Fun reading list full of back to school inspired young adult books to read.It’s Back to School time so I thought why not share a bunch of great books with different school elements. All of these books have good chucks that take place at school, on campus (boarding school) or other back to school-ish quirks. I’ve gathered a variety of contemporary, Sci-Fi, and even paranormal. Fun yes?

Anatoanatomy of a misfit book reaviewmy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes – I read this last week and ADORED it. A hearty dose of good quality teenage sass, mean girls at their best, high school peer pressure and all that crap you’re so happy to be done with once you leave high school. Unfortunately the crap is so true and common. There’s a lot I loved about this book, there weren’t clear cut good choices (how often are there those in life anyways), the characters were realistically flawed and likeable (or hateable), and you could really see how hard it is to be a teen. It’s hard. As an adult looking back (or down) I think we often forget how in the moment doing the right thing, or the kind thing can really sacrifice your “whole” world. Or at least the world as you know it. I love that we see this familiar world through the eyes of a popular girl.

plus one by elizabeth fama book reviewPlus One by Elizabeth Fama – I put of reading this book forever sine the cover just rubbed me weird (I know terrible reason and now after reading it I think the cover is perfect). It hooked me right from the start. An interesting dystopian world where the citizens are forced to time share. Strict laws keep people on opposite schedules so that half never see the day and half never the night. Lots of adventure and drawing on desks during classes. Great characters, romance and such a unique interesting story. I’ve had to force myself to stop reading at 2:30am when I just want to keep going.

eleanor and park book reviewEleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell – Think school bus rides and misfits but not the hip kind, the awkward real every day kind. The story was refreshingly realistic without feeling like I was watching the news or hearing about the same old same old. I really liked how imperfect and realistic the characters were but at the same time they were special. If you like contemporary books pick this up.

Mila 2.0 bmila 2.0 by debra driza book reviewy Debra Driza
– One of the things I loved about this book was how it started off like a good old contemporary book. The every day life of a high schooler. But then an minor accident reviews that Mila isn’t the average teen she thought she is and what comes out is that she is a stolen government created android. Now she has to run. It’s full of action, adventure, cute boys and really interesting ideas. Definitely a fun read.

beautiful creaturesBeautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl – Let me just say if all you know about Dangerous Creatures is the movie please forget it. That totally cheezified and screwed up a super good and fun book. You know I love my kids with powers and this is no exception. There’s magic, there’s action, there’s romance, great friends and some fabulous banter. And it’s on this list because unlike so many YA books the kids go to school and you see it. I feel like so many others I wonder when they have time for school haha.

anna and the french kiss book reviewAnna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – How does boarding school in France sound. Delicious? Romantic? If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of Stephanie Perkins let me just say she is the master of sweet cute stories. You’ll fall in love with the characters this is such a fun series (although the books aren’t strict sequels there are more in the the same “world”).

the sky is everywhereThe Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson – This is one of those books the really struck me. I felt like I got a lot out of it. I felt like it gave me a peek into other people and reminded me to appreciate what I have. It has some rough content but it’s so worth it. The story is just beautiful and you’ll be smiling and laughing through out well in between your tears but guys the tears are worth it. A must read for anyone with a sister!

extraordinary means book review. this sounds really goodExtraordinary Means by Robin Schnieder – It was hard for me to decide between this book and Robin’s other book The Beginning of Everything. Really both books are great school setting type books. But this has a fun twist. It’s s boarding school that’s for quarantined sick kids. The kids are pretty sick so the adults are all scared to ask to much of them so it’s really 1 part school 3 parts camp and it’s full of sassy characters, great friendships, and fun. Just know it’s got some sad parts but the story is so fun.

get  even and get dirty by gretchen mcneil book reviewGet Even by Gretchen McNeil – After years of putting up with theof their school ranging from the typical tyranical popular girls, to bully jocks, and deluded adults, a unexpected group of girls decides to get even. They mastermind pranks to make the bullies get a taste of their own medicine. But then someone ends up dead. It’s a great mystery and after listening to Get Dirty the sequel I found myself think I need more good mysteries! This was lots of fun.

between us and the moonBetween Us and the Moon by Rebecca Maizel – And for those of you are are not yet ready to go back to school and want to hold onto Summer with all you’ve got this last book is for you. It’s totally Summer. It’s counting down still school starts again. It’s full of beaches and romance and learning about oneself and growth and I just adored it. I loved the audio version with the quirky main character and her scientific approach to becoming cooler. Also note there are descriptive sexual references and while I think this is geared at teens there are definitely parts that would have parent and kid blush if they were listening to it out loud together. From a parental standpoint I’m torn between whether I think it’s teen appropriate or not (I’m sure it depends on the kid). And while most of the other books do have sexual content this one was just a bit more graphic than I was used to in YA (although at the same time possibly more innocent and took the topic more seriously that most YA books).

Great reading list of YA back to school books

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