Coupon Holder and Dave Ramsey Book AKA So Glad We Had an Emergency Fund

A few weeks ago my husband walked into the bathroom and got his socks all wet. He thought I had just taken a bath and splashed a bit (if you follow me on Instagram you know how I like my baths). After convincing him (yes it took some convincing) that I hadn’t been in there we realized our ceiling was leaking AWESOME! And of course we were due for a huge storm that week so we needed to get it taken care of ASAP.

We ended up needing an entire new roof. Not cheap. And to top it off this was just a few days before Christmas. Thankfully we have a fully funded emergency fund so what could have easily been a giant problem was just a minor annoyance.

The musicmaker and I discovered Dave Ramsey‘s radio show early in our marriage and we made it a priority to become debt free. Can I just say how amazing it is to pay off your last student loan, or know that you don’t owe anyone for anything (except the house), or go on a vacation and know that you don’t have to figure out how to pay off the credit card bills when you get home? It’s a whole wonderful new feeling.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I did not get a free copy of this book and I’m not getting compensated for writing this post (but I am using an amazon affiliate link below). I just know what a blessing this information has been to my family and when I saw that Dave’s books were on sale I wanted to share the love. I know how crippling debt can be and even if it’s not crippling exactly there is just a freedom that comes with paying with money you have and living within your means.

So today I am giving away a copy of Dave Ramsey’s best selling Total Money Makeover. I haven’t read it all myself yet (I bought a copy for us though) but I’ve flipped through it and I’m excited. It has so many of the great lessons and wonderful stories I’ve heard Dave teach on his radio show over the years. In addition to the book I made a pretty coupon/money holder from my coupon  holder tutorial. You can use it to hold coupons or like we do to separate our cash for our “envelope system” (basically each section is money from a different part of our budget like groceries, house, eating out, etc.)

There are lots of ways to enter see the rafflecopter below (reload if you don’t see it).

If you want to make your own holder be sure to check out my coupon/money holder tute. While you’re at it check out Dave’s website to find his radio show on a station near you, access his free articles and tools, or check out his books.

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Best of 2012: Reflections on the Year

I cannot thank all of you enough for being apart of my life, whether you lurk or comment or I know you in the real world, I am happy to have you. Last week I shared my most popular posts from 2012 and today I want to share some of my personal favorite blogging highlights from the year.

By far the best part of my blog life this year was getting to know many of you and other bloggers better and being able to meet them in person. I have had an absolute blast connecting with many awesome Utah craft and book bloggers as well as many wonderful out of town folk that have come through my area. I have also enjoyed guest posting, hosting guest bloggers and participating in fun blog series here (Hunger Games and Halloween) and on other blogs. It has been amazing. I am absolutely looking forward to more of that next year

I have long wanted to share My Etsy Journey with you guys. It has been a lot of of work but I love that I’m my own boss and I make my living being creative. I know many of you have considered opening shops or have just been curious about how things work in my world. My Etsy Life series has been a lot of fun. I hope to do more this coming year so if you have an questions let me know since everything is so normal to me I forget what kinds of topics might be helpful and interesting.

To continue my getting to know you guys better I finally have gotten my tush in gear and started connecting more on various social media outlets. It has been great getting to know so many of you on a new level. You know sometimes you want to share something but it doesn’t really justify a whole blog post. I have loved peeking into your lives, meeting your children, and connecting over the little moments of our lives. I am excited to continue to visit with you all, be able to support you in the frustrations and celebrate with you in the wins on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

And just for fun, here are some of my favorite posts that weren’t featured in my Top 10 post on Friday.

Instagram Features: 9 Fun Elf On A Shelf Ideas

I have been having a blast watching so many of you via my Instagram get ready for Christmas with Elf on a Shelf. I’ve been blown away by the creativity and it’s just been so fun to watch you guys come up with new ideas. Since I have no kiddos of my own to do this with and since I bet a few of you are out of ideas here’s some inspiration for your last week. Some of my favorite Elf on a Shelf shots. And if you’re on Instagram I’d love to connect with you you can find me here.

And on a somber note I am so sad about the school shooting my dad called since he just wanted to talk to someone about it. I hadn’t turned on the tv and I’ve just been watching things on twitter. I’m not sure if I can actually handle turning on the tv. I’m already doing that staring sad shocked thing I do when crap like this happens and that’s without seeing any tv news. It’s just so dumb and way to often. Hopefully it’s not too weird for me to post that, I just felt like I needed say something. Hug all your favorite kiddos I know I will be hugging mine.

Big Announcement and Book Lovers Gift Guide!

I have TONS of readers in my life so today I’m sharing some of my absolute favorite Etsy shops for bookish gift giving. If you’ve got a book lover in your life here are some awesome gift ideas from some of my favorite shops.

But first I have a big announcement: After years of making book crafts for myself and sharing tutorials hear only to have people beg to buy them and have to turn them down, I can now say yes! I’m going to do a trial run of selling bookish goodies in my Etsy shop. I can’t guarantee how long I’ll do it for or how often I’ll restock since selling my baby clothing is really my first priority but I’m going to give it a try!

Whether you want to give it to yourself (which I totally support) or to your favorite reader,
 here’s just a sample of my first batch of Bookish Gifts! Some are already in the shop and I will be adding more all weekend long! And don’t worry I will still be posting many bookish craft tutorials here.

In addition to my own goodies here are some of my favorite bookish shops on Etsy.
Please note most of these shop’s Christmas order cutoffs are REALLY SOON so order asap.

Pretty Little Charms UK

I’ve featured Leigh’s amazing jewelry many many times. I have purchased over 10 pieces from her throughout the years and she has always been wonderful to work with and the quality of the necklaces are great. I may have ahem ordered a couple more this weekend weee!


I’ve talked about friend Heidi many times before and she makes the cutest paper dolls. I think these are the perfect give to give your favorite reader who has everything. Totally unique and they can be used as wall art, shelve decorations, or for play! In addition to these geeky dolls she’s taking custom orders so you can have her make paper dolls that look like your kids or even your favorite bride and groom awesome right?

And don’t you think Heidi should do a Mortal Instruments one? *nudge nudge*

Bookish Charm

In addition to bookish prints and bookmarks Erin carries super fun book related necklaces. Every time I wear my Potter one people ask where I got it. These are so cute and some of my favorite pieces of jewelery and she has a great variety for your favorite reader and writer. Even better, she’s got her items on sale today!


This is a shop that is very new to me but I’m eagerly awaiting my order’s arrival! The shop is full of all kinds of super cool geeky cookie stamps. Here are some of my favorite bookish ones but there are also Dr. Who, Star Trek, and Super Hero stamps available too.

Rae Gun Finds: 10 Websites to Check Out

I always love hearing about other people’s favorite websites and today’s Top Ten Tuesday with Broke and the Bookish is “Top Ten Blogs/Sites You Read That AREN’T about Book” so I thought that would be fun. Click over to see everyone else’s list and to add your own. Let me know what your favorite sites lately have been I always love finding new places.

Foodgawker and Tastespotting both of these sites are curated collections of food. They have giant pictures and tons of ideas. I can go look just because I love food but they also are great inspiration when I don’t know what I feel like having for dinner or when I want to try something new.

I have been following Kathleen over at Grosgrain back when she used to sew incredible outfits for her girls and do huge giveaways. It’s always fun to see what she’s making and what catches her eye. I love her style!

Oh Happy Day is one of my favorite stops for party ideas. Jordan shares often really simple ways to make parties beautiful and fabulous. She provides free printables regularly too so make sure you also check those out.

If you’ve looked around the crafting blogs you’ve probably bumped into Dana at Made. She has great great tutorials and is always teaching. Plus she shares her life and adorable kids and it’s just fun to read about.

Lorie over at Be Different Act Normal has an amazing knack for finding all the coolest tutorials out in craft blog land. She’s always updating her site with new ideas and wonderful creations. She also has a fun link party on Saturday nights.

I’ve had the honor of guest posting over at the Crafting Chic‘s site a few times but in case you weren’t around back then they’ve got a really neat site with lots of DIY and party tips and tutorials. They come up with super cute ideas.


 Nicole of Making It Lovely is my style crush. She is always posting home and fashion trends and things she loves. I find myself falling in love with everything she shares.

If you have kids in your life that you want to entertain the Crafty Crow is a wealth of knowledge for all things crafty and kid. My Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons is the food version with all kinds of creations from foods. They are so cute and fun for big and little kids.

And finally if your craftily inclined make sure to check out Make It and Love It for tutorials of all shapes and sizes. There are so many cute things on this site.

What internet sites have been sucking up your time?

Four Tops to Make Out of Woven Fabric

So I did it again -totally flaked on Made By Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong. Yeah yeah there technically is still a week to go left but hmm we’ll see maybe. But whether I get something done this week or not. I finally feel like I’m on top of my Rae Gun work load. It’s been over a year of working towards this goal but I’m finally feeling comfortable with working only a few hours during the weekends. yeah I know other people actually take weekends, I don’t think that will ever be me but the past few weekends I’ve hung out with friends, gardened, went to movies, attended kiddo birthday parties all guilt-free and all without having to stay up late sewing to make up for it. So I hoping that I can start making more stuff for me because I kind of have a hoard of fabric that I’d love to use. Here are some tops that would be a great place for me to start.

The one above is a sleeved sorbetto top by la inglesita who tweaked the a free pattern from coletterie.

I’ve got so many pieces of fabric that would be perfect for this simple woven tank. This one is by Leila at Where the Orchids Grow and she used the popular downloadable Wiksten Tank pattern.

Karen of montanachic made this darling bias bound top. I love the simplicity of it. It looks super easy to wear.

I LOVE how flickr user anotherdayforever tweaked Rae’s Spring Top pattern. I’ve always been drawn to that top but was really unsure of the ruffly flutter sleeves. I like these so much better.

After recovering my fabric boxes I kinda organized my stash so I have a box of “use for something for me soon” fabrics that I think would be great for all of these. Hopefully I’ll have some to show to you all soon.

Spring Round Up

Well my house is totally bare now that I’ve taken down my Hunger Games and Waterbender party decorations. I have totally slacked on any Easter and Spring decor. And since our Easter celebrations aren’t here I may just skip on to Summer. But I have been having so much fun looking at all the amazing creations that have been shared at my weekly link parties and I wanted to share some of my favorites.

Stop by tonight for the next link party I absolutely LOVE seeing what all of you have been up to and hopefully I’ll be doing round ups more often. And feel free to grab a button if you were featured!

A Little Pick-Me-Up For All Of Us Who Are Dragging Today

It’s been kind of a long week. I’ve been working A LOT and I am so tired. I feel like everyone I know is sick, both friends and family and it seems so many of you that I visit with through your blogs. So here are a few silly things that I’ve pinned that hopefully will put a little much needed pep in many of our steps. My sister sent this to me after I called her like 3 times in one day to talk about the character’s love decisions in Clockwork Prince

And I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of the Kristen Bell clip it’s a couple weeks old but it still makes me smile automatically, just what I need right now. What you haven’t seen it, well oh my, it’s definitely a goodie, you need to check it out.

These pictures by Jan von Holleben are so creative and fun definitely worth a visit.

And some final cute overload. Okay breathe we call all make it through today. Did you get that? That was a big hug from me to you.

Book Inspired Jewelery: Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and More

If you’ve been playing along at my What We Wore and Made link parties on Wednesdays you’ve probably noticed that I’m kind of obsessed with book-inspired, geek-embracing jewelery. Pretty much all of my necklaces celebrate some book or another.

My absolute favorite shop to buy these is Pretty Little Charms UK on Etsy. I’ve received many comments on them so I figured it was time for a formal introduction. Leigh the shop owner not only is a fellow Harry Potter fan (she’s been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter multiple times and lives in the UK!), but she’s incredibly great to work with. I’ve bought many necklaces on numerous occasions and she’s been wonderful.

(custom Divergent necklaces)

I’ve purchased items straight from her shop, asked about slight alterations which she happily was able to accommodate, and even ordered a few fully custom pieces (my awesome Divergent necklaces!). She was great to work with and even though she’s all the way across the ocean everything ships REALLY fast.

In fact I ordered my first piece less than 2 weeks before Deathly Hallows 2 came out assuming that I’d receive the necklace after the movie (after all was coming all the way from the UK) but it was to me in time to wear it to the movie.

This is not a sponsored post I just love her shop so much that I want to support plus I know many of you would appreciate this awesome jewelery. And even though I have ahem 6 already I think I still need a Neville one, how did I not realize this gap in my collection sooner? And I’ll probably break down and get that Cinna one I’ve been eying forever. Any ways if you are a book lover or have book lovers in your life you should definitely check out Pretty Little Charms UK.

Best of 2011: My Top Five (+1)

Earlier this week I shared my most popular post from 2011. And while this next set of post may not have been the most pinned or favorited on craftgawker, they’re special to me so I’d like to share them again. I made a Mockingjay shirt after falling in love with the Hunger Games series. I’ve always loved reading but I think this year I just really let myself fall back in love with reading fiction (particularly YA fiction) as my goodreads account proves.

I can’t decide. Do I like the time I made my husband aka the best uncle in the world dress up like a Butterfly or a Unicorn. Yup the naughties’ birthday parties (and invites) as always were a blast.

I was surprised at Christmas last year with a trip from the musicmaker to Florida to go on a fun cruise and experience the magic of Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a full out post devoted to my addition but fear not my Potter obsession remains strong.

I also shared my all time favorite customer appreciation picture to date. I always love receiving each and every one of them so please keep them coming but this one is just such a cool idea and the little guy is so stinking darling.

The hubby also started a great new band called Dani Lion with a friend of ours who has an amazing voice, they’re kind of Fiest meets Gorillaz meets She and Him. They played around with a green screen one day and made this super fun music video. I just love their music so it makes me so so happy (you can hear the whole album and stream or download it for free here)

And this one is just one an aunt would love. Nothing flashy, no fancy sewing or crafting or cooking involved but this year I discovered and shared this old picture of the nieces on their first trip to the aquarium. L could barely talk and she said clear as day “mermaid?” in a totally inquisitive voice like she was wondering if there was a mermaid in there. They’re growing up too fast!

Any ways 2011 was pretty dandy. I hope you all have something fun planned for New Years Eve and I’ll see you in 2012!