A Few More


Well the next shop update is officially scheduled for May 7th, so mark your calendars. Here are a couple more things due for the update. I’m also working on this super cute new dress design and swim suits *eeek* yes swim suits. I hope that they are ready and that the kinks are out by then. I’ll work hard. I’ve got a huge list but I’ve learned that I tend to get too ambitious with these updates. I will say that I’ve been working on a bunch of fun things and I hope I’ll be able to unveil them with this update. Please note that some of the items may just be Ready to Ship (so first come first serve).

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  1. yay swimsuits–I had those on my list, but with the baby being gone so long I don’t think I’ll ever get to them! Great minds. I look forward to seeing them–like the new bloomers and shorts.

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