I Need(ed) It: Pin Toppers


Sometimes late at night when all my energy is gone and the music maker is on his keyboard, I browse etsy’s pounce and proclaim in agony, I need this. (Okay I understand, not like I need water, food, and shelter, but I really needed these, I did.) So a new feature appears, my version of EtsyFinds. Things I love and want so bad. And Gigi’s shop gave me the hardest time. At one point I had 6 things in my cart, but since I hadn’t bought from her before I reduced that number to 2. But now I want them all. I want to collect these adorable pin toppers. My biggest problem: trying to figure out if I should take them out of their package or keep them like good old action figures ‘factory’ sealed.

Oh and check out the awesome way this arrived. Impressive huh? Go buy one for your favorite seamstress, or me, feel free to buy me more (I really like the gum drop and gelato ones)

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  1. Those are too cute!

  2. Thanks so much for the nice spot on your blog! Please come back for a visit if you’re feeling the “NEED”! My first batch of pin cushions debut this Friday :)

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