Grave things in store for Rae Gun

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Well if Tralawney had her way that’s what the future would read but I’d like to think her readings were always a bit unreliable. So what’s really in store for Rae Gun? Well, the next Etsy shop update is scheduled for June 13th. I know I’ve been promising boy stuff everytime but this time it will be more than just some boy bottoms. Yes I’ll have more bottoms but I’ll also have an outfit of sorts (you know something comprable to the girl’s dresses). Mark my words.

Also I’m seriously working on a Rae Gun website, the site will just be a nice place that links everything else and have it’s own store. I’m slowly working on the store and I’ll be filling it with new stuff as it appears even before the June 13th etsy update. I will still be keeping the etsy store but having a stand alone store where all the proceeds go to me is really appealing (you should see my etsy bill every month). You can visit it here.

Finally Rae Gun is in the process of getting a make over. I’ve commissioned some art and I’ll be working on some new design work. I love the ray gun idea but I think I need something more shape and professional and a bit more kid-ish than the pixel-y green and black ray gun you see before you. With that will be new clothing labels, business cards, banners the whole kit and kaboodle. I have no idea how long this will take but this will be a large focus for me this summer.

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  1. What do you mean YOU’RE working on your new website? That was supposed to be my job! ;)

  2. oh it is your job heidi, I mean I’m thinking about what I want in it so you can bring it to life hahaha

  3. who is doing your logo art stuff?? Is your new website seperate from bigcartel? I look forward to the updates–all of your productivity reminds me what the days were like before children ;) (not that I’d trade them) but man I could get a lot more done!

  4. Jessica, Isabell’sumbrella is working with me, it’s still in talking/trial stages and my friend heidi will be doing some design work. And I own but it’s directed to the blog right now so it will all be seperate but the bigcartel will be linked. I’m trying to get it all in gear so when it’s baby time I can just do the sewing stuff you know, because I know I’ll be totally exhausted and timeless. I don’t know how you do so much as it is!

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