Story of My Bread and Day

I’m blaming it all on Lacey. I had settled on leaving my culinary adventures to the mozzarella kit, which by the way arrived in the mail today, but no she had to keep pushing the bread issue. I had so much to do but I became obsessed with looking at bread recipes so I decided to give a go at the no-knead dutch oven bread. So I bring you the story of my day.

Let’s start with yesterday night…
7:00 ish pm right before House and during commercials finish up dinner, make soup for the following day (so I’m not tempted to eat out), and start the bread (i.e. mix the flour, salt, yeast, water easy peasy)

9:00 am Roll out of bed and shower (no whining that I’m spoiled I’ve designed my life in such a way to not have wake up at ridiculous hours like most of the world and I’m paying with a dissertation hanging over my head)
9:30 am get ready to head out, pack, check email and store, make yummy wrap for lunch, grab bread dough (yes it’s coming with)
10:00 am get in car drive to school
10:30 am say good-bye to and hope the bread isn’t too toasty in the car, check my phone to make sure I’m on time to teach as I walk down campus
10:45 am discover that I don’t have my phone (that I had 2 minutes ago errr) and pass out tests worrying that some college kids are kicking my phone back and forth and grinding it into the sidewalk
11:30 am go searching for my phone, call hubby on an office phone and discover some wonderful girl has already contacted him and has my phone, hike back across campus get the phone (faith in humanity is restored)
12:00 pm eat, chat, prep for meeting, have meeting, read you know normal grad school stuff
2:30 pm head to the parking lot, pull the dough out dump some flour in grab the dough, stretch and fold it a couple times, nestle it under a comfy blankie and head up to primary children’s hospital
3:00 pm have my monthly reality check, between babies who are dying, questions of possible abuse, and weird parent behavior, serving on the hospital’s ethics board is a real reminder that I have it better than good.
5:00 pm peek at bread, drive home
5:30 pm preheat oven
6:00 pm dump in dough, pull soup I made last night out of the fridge, clean up a bit, check computer
6:40 pm heat up soup, let bread cool
7:00 pm enjoy delicious potato soup (hubby said it was the best potato soup he’s had), eat yum bread and butter and watch bones

okay so today was a super busy day, with unexpected complications of losing my phone and I still managed to make homemade bread. This is the best recipe in the world.


  1. I died laughing at the fact that you brought your bread with you everywhere…hehe. I will totally take the blame since your bread came out good! Homemade bread AND soup! Sheesh- The Music Maker is lucky!

  2. You still haven’t convinced me to make bread. Yeast scares me. I’m glad that your phone was found by a sweet girl!

  3. Wow!! You totally rocked the day! I read your 9am duties too fast and at first thought you were rolling dough in the shower…i wondered where the recipe came from. lol!

  4. oh my gosh. I want bread. I’d do anything for bread. GIVE ME THE BREAD.

  5. guys it was seriously so easy that if you lived around (Tara…) I’d so make an extra loaf for you next time I make it.

  6. Your bread looks fabulous!!!

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