More Fancy Nancy Fun

Here’s a post that I must have pressed save instead of publish back in November. Lucky me because I’m too tired to think of a new post anyways.

As many of you know I love customer appreciate pics. And how cute is this Fancy Nancy sweetie? I love it. These dresses are so fun to make because I know they are going to help girls live out their dress up dreams. When I was little I had this reoccurring dream where I was in the Disney store and I got to pick out a princess dress, it was always a different princess and wouldn’t you know the dream would always come around Halloween. A bit ago I gave one of these dresses to the daughter of one of the music maker’s good friends for her birthday. When she opened it she said “you gave me a Fancy Nancy dress and a boa? thank you” but in the cutest most appreciative 8 year old voice ever. This is how I wrapped the present, I just printed a picture of Fancy Nancy cut it out and double sided taped it to a piece of card stock (I wanted to make sure she knew it was a Fancy Nancy dress haha). Thought I’d pass the idea along since it went over so well.

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