New Found Love for Pouch Slings

So my first day alone with Lanna I whipped up this little sling and I LOVE it. It has made life so much easier. Lanna tolerates the sling really well as you can see. She happily lets me sew, serge, iron, package orders, bake bread and dance with her in the sling. I think it’s pretty comfortable. Unless she’s in a diving mood she gets tired of it before I do. I’m not saying she spends and hour in there but for what I use it for I’m so glad I made it up. I’ll be adding made to measure pouch slings when I have my next update (exact date to be announced sometime soon).

And for those of you who are baby wearing fans or can imagine how not a baby person my music maker is you may enjoy this video.


  1. Awesome sling. And for not being a “baby person” the music man looks like he has everything under control! love it!

  2. haha – that’s awesome! guys and their games – anything to get back to business right? lol

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