The Big Reveals


So first off you see the hair. I’m not sure I like it. It feels to frumpy mommy to me but we’ll see what it’s like when it’s not all straightened and blow dried. I think I’ll warm up to it I usually do. But I did love the hair cutting experiences and I have a feeling that I actually like the cut but not necessarily this particular styling of it. So thanks for all the encouragement to go short. This is actually based off the Catherine Zeta Jones pic and I think it looked a lot closer before he did the 15 minutes of blow drying.

And in other news I’ve decided I really want to do giveaways regularly. Some stuff I want to try out and I’m happy to make a couple for the neices and to give but I don’t want to be making them over and over for the shop. Other times I see awesome tutorials or ideas in blogland that I couldn’t sell in the shop for copyright reasons but I still want to do. Another reason is when it’s for the shop I feel like I have to buy tons of fabric and be stocked. But if I’m just making 2 well a yard or so it is. Finally somethings just wouldn’t fit in the shop but they still look fun to make and share. I think by having a giveaway regularly it’ll be accountability for me to come up with new and different stuff. Instead of just new prints for my standard shop designs. Yup so that’s the news. Not that I might not also sell similar things that I’d giveaway ever but I just think it would be fun.

So this might be totally crazy but I’m going to start off big and do a giveaway a week starting on June 1st for the whole month of June eek! I’m not thinking that’ll be the norm but hey why don’t we kick things off big. I’m envisioning, my standard kid clothes, but also toys, maybe bag sorts of things, and possibly even some of my fabric (it’ll be good for me to share that haha). But yeah let anyone who you might think would like some free goodies know, June 1st.

There you have it my two tid bits to share.

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  1. I like the hair cut. I wasn’t expecting you to go short! I do hope you like it.

  2. I know I told you I wanted to keep it long and then last week I was repulsed by it so I felt the intense urge to chop it off

  3. Free goodies!? I need to visit your shop, I am thinking I need a summer dress for Ky. Whats your favorite?

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