On Being the Best Aunty Ever

(The promised better shot of the cupcake skirts)

In my attempt to be the best aunty ever I’m constantly searching for resources to help me do fun things with the babies so I can win their love forever. I stumbled upon this site that looks like it’s connected to Nickelodeon called…well I’m not quite sure what the name is but it has Go City Kids and Parent’s Connect at the top of the page. I haven’t perused the site in it’s entirety but the part I LOVE is that you type in the city you’re in and it’s got loads of fun stuff to do, you can search by neighborhood, indoor or outdoors and even free stuff (plus a number of other categories). Anyways I wanted to share it with you guys. You can get to there here.

This week we went to a neat pool that had a water slide and crazy fountains. Tira had loads of fun on the slide and Lanna threw a fit when we took her out despite the fact that her lips were turning blue.

Do any of you guys have some good resources to share, or fun outings ideas?

p.s. I LOVE the Halloween costume ideas, keep em coming.


  1. Oh, how fun!
    We usually visit the big indoor water park here or Chuckee Cheese if you can handle it! lol

  2. The skirts (and your nieces) are darling! :)

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