2010 Goals, Resolutions, Whatever You Call Them

There are a few habits that I’d like to introduce to my life this new year. And what better accountability than sharing with all of you.

1. Make and Keep Things Beautiful: Whether it’s from organizing my home in a way that keeps the clutter under control or only wearing/keeping/buying clothes I feel great in, etc. I want to go for quality. I want to get into the habit of only introducing new stuff into my world that I love.

2. Eat Healthier: I want to eat (and feed the music maker) something green every day (this one is going to be hard for me). I want to eat and learn how to prepare more fish and shrimp. I want to incorporate more whole grains and nuts into our diet.

3. Keep In Touch Better: I want to have more get-togethers, send birthday cards, convince more people to come visit, that kind of thing.

4. Save Money: I want to master the coupon thing, learn how to make ugly furniture great and workable, and actually put more away.

I think I’ve got a solid but doable list, so, any tips? Also do you have any goals for the new year?


  1. I like #1. I want to do that too and you said it perfect.

  2. Loving your resolutions. I hope to save money as well. I’m going to start off by getting one of these coupon organizers :)

    you should check into it. it’ll probably help out!
    check out my resolutions! got any ideas?

  3. I love your list!

    My tip for #1: Just do it when you feel like putting it off. For example, don’t say “I’ll put all this fabric away later.” Just pull out your bin/drawer/whatever and put it away now.

    Good luck!

  4. About the greens – i think we’ve talked about this before – but here’s the newest video about it. Seriously! This is one of the BEST habits I’ve ever adopted! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg_Eya0yufw

    good luck for 2010!

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  7. Great goals! I am taking alot of goals this year but since I am start fresh I think I am ready to take them all on! Good luck!

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