Fitness Journal: Week 13

I’m feeling a lot better about things this week. I got all my cardio in my eating isn’t crazy I’m just feeling good about things. I’ve even been on huge cooking binges but not really eating a ton just cooking loads (like say 5 recipes of different rolls yeah I’m crazy) and then I’ll eat a reasonable amount and i froze the rest.

11/11/2010 149.2
11/18/2010 148.2
I’m 5’5 but have a small frame
(I think I’m going for 135 and we’ll see from there)

Nutrition Breakdown:
I think I’m doing a new format. If you lurkers actually looked at my detailed food list and want it back let me know and I’ll do that.

H Athletic Conditioning Class
F Bike 57 min 10.9 mi
S Bike 62 min 11.3 mi
S Day Off
M swim class 1200 yards
T Buddy Strength Training
W 62 minute bike 11 miles


  1. Congratulations on the pound!!! Only 2 high calorie days, too. Not bad at all. :)

  2. Great job on your loss and on keeping track of everything you are doing!!

    I think cycling would be fun but I’m way to lazy!! Great job on all the biking miles!!

  3. Great job on the pound loss! And you do an excellent job with keeping track of everything!

  4. Great chart! Congrats on your weight loss!

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