Rae Gun On TV

 (gotta love where Youtube freezes shots)
So yesterday early afternoon I checked my email to find an email from Arikka Von a local news anchor asking if she could interview me for a Cyber Monday story. After calling her she was on her way in umm an hour. My house was a mess I hadn’t showered yet and I had shoveled the whole driveway earlier, ummm yeah. I think it went well and they did a really nice job of focusing on my store name and all that good stuff. I didn’t expect any sales or business from it based my other tv experience (and I was right) but I just loved that she wanted to feature small businesses and Etsy in the shopping fuss too.  In case you missed it or aren’t in the state here it is (umm from me filming the tv).


  1. you are so cute! :D

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