Recipe: Teriyaki Steak and Mango Salad

super yummy and healthy teriyaki steak and mango salad. love this for dinner

So I’ve been told I make good salads. I made this one the other day and thought it was so tasty I thought I’d share it with you guys. The marinade I use for this steak is great for those of you who like me buy cheap cuts of meat. I sister pooh poohed my inferior cut of meat once, claiming I couldn’t use that for steak and after I feed my steak to her she was asking me for the marinade. This is how I make steak for eating with potatoes or throwing on lettuce.


Teriyaki Marinade
1/4-1/2 C soy sauce
1/4-1/2 C vermouth
1/4-1/2 tsp ginger powder
1 TBS sugar
1 tsp garlic

I don’t really measure just equal parts soy sauce and vermouth, a couple shakes of ginger powder and sugar and garlic. I just put the steak and all the marinade ingredients in a quart sized ziplock back and marinate it for at least 2 hours usually most of the day making sure to flip it once.

For the Salad
Spring Mix Lettuce
Parmesan (or I’ve used feta before)
Dried Cranberries
Raspberry Vinaigrette  (I love the Maple Grove Brand, tasty and low cal)
Steak, cooked and sliced
Chow Mein Noodles

Proportions will vary depending on how many you’re feeding and your personal preferences. But for two meal size salads I use a couple big handfuls of lettuce, 1 mango 1/8 C cheese, 1 avocado, a small handful of dried cranberries, a couple TBS salad dressing and a small handful of noodles.

Love this teriyaki steak and mango salad such an easy dinner recipe


  1. strange! i just came across your blog via a hop.. and first thing i see is teriyake! yum. anyway, the strange part- i was just going to google teriyake recipe! and now, no need. this looks amazing!

  2. This sounds delicious. And the presentation is beautiful!

  3. nice teriyaki marinade! the ones i usually see involve sake and mirin, and it’s great knowing an alternative without having to buy new ingredients! (:

  4. I just came across your blog via nothing but country, great recipe and also with ingredients easily available here in Italy because other recipes require asian ingredients that are just impossible to find here in Sicily.
    I love it!

  5. this sounds so good! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  6. I would definitely give you that compliment after this salad! Sounds deeeelish!

  7. Hmm.. This looks and sounds amazingly yummy!!
    Thank you so much for linking this up with {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!

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    It’s a great recipe!
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    We have an online cookbook and community, and surely we’re always looking for more creative recipes to add to our database.

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