Harry Potter Countdown: Customer Pic

Do you have your outfit ready for the movie? Miss Katie does, she wore one of my Harry Potter House Elf aprons to Deathly Hallows part I (and Halloween) last year complete with an adorable S.P.E.W pink from EvieTees. EvieTees is a shop after my own heart. Seriously it’s filled with YA fantasy fan gear that makes me drool every time I click over!

It looks like she’s still shipping stuff out in time for the movie (I on the other hand am not) so I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites Potter things from her shop (but she’s also got Percy Jackson and Hunger Games stuff, happy sigh).

She’s also got these design and many others as shirts in case you don’t know what you’re wearing to the movie yet :) I’ve been thinking I need to make myself a tie and possibly a cloak and go Hogwart’s school uniform style. crazy I know it’s only a week a way and I’ve got loads of other things to do.

What Potter swag are you proud of?


  1. My daughter made us both a tank top with the deathly hallows symbol and a tshirt for my son. He has a robe from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter that he is going to wear! Its good to know I am not the only one obsessed.

  2. I posted my snitch maternity shirt!


    I wore it to church today. :)

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