Harry Potter Countdown: Shopping Spree

 (my most recent purchase it’s still for sale (for the rest of today) at Teefury)

Well as I type it’s less thank 30 minutes til many of you will be watching the movie. Have so much fun! Our tickets are for tomorrow night. We didn’t want the front row and we’ve got elderly friends (you know in their late 20’s and 30’s) that have real jobs that they have to be up early for so we thought Friday night sounded better.

Seriously I cannot stop buying Potter related stuff. The last 2 weeks I’ve bought FOUR teeshirts, a necklace and a ring and this is not including my awesome snitch necklace I bought a few months ago or all the goodies I’ve crafted. I’ve got a problem. Worst of all, all of these purchases were made with the assumption that the items would not arrive in time for the premeire. But guess what was in my mail box today all the way from the UK. This totally awesome necklace. Neato Eh? Now that’s what I call fast shipping.

 (from teefury and riptapparel)

Happy Harry Potter day. Hopefully I can stop buying HP swag now. 

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