Harry Potter: Countdown to the End

(Oh hey baby Langdon may be a parselmouth)

And by “the end” I mean that in a totally loose inaccurate sense. You should all assume that just because the last movie is coming out my obsession/addition/crazy love for all things Potter will not come to an end anytime soon.

I am so excited for the new movie, and even though it’s just a smidge more than a week away I have a list of Harry Potter and Wizarding World related crafts I’d like to make. I hope you don’t mind seeing a bunch of Potter crafts and goodies in the next few days. I’m just so excited.

Any ways I also want to see your best potter related posts or any that you’ve bumped into across blog land. If you know of any I’d love you to post a link in the comments. Seriously it’s like my crack and I hope to feature some of my favorites and maybe some quick tutorials so you can join in on the fun as well. It’s probably good there is only a week left (I can’t stop buying Potter stuff on etsy and other websites). Any ways happy countdown.


  1. I to am a Potter Nut. I started reading the first book when I was 10 and clearly remember staying up all night on my 11th birthday waiting for an owl to tap on my window.
    I grew up with Harry and he was a big part of my childhood.
    I will turn 21 on the 15th. It is very symbolic to me that “the end” of Harry Potter should happen on my birthday.
    Here are some links I have pinned on Pinterest.


  2. Oh thanks so much for your comment and happy birthday to you, how awesome to live through it!

    and love your pins!

  3. I too am obsessed with all things potter. I have a tab on my blog called pottography where I post potter related photos and I have several other potter related posts. http://serendipityslibrary.blogspot.com/2011/06/not-another-harry-potter-post.html

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