Craft Lady Horcrux Craft

It is so fun when worlds collide. My hubby the musicmaker has a relatively new friend named Blair who he shares a love for bizarre records and super weird movies. Well apparently Blair has been doing these weird (but so funny to me) spots for Robert’s Craft (he’s Ida). Any ways it turns out another of the guys on there is from  a band we’ve played with and loved in the past, Hot Parents.  Small world.

More than that my love for Harry Potter meets the craft and music world. So I just had to share. Just to warn you though it’s not your typical funny that everyone will say haha, it’s weird funny, but I think those of you who are Potter freaks and are a part of this fun craft world would appreciate this, maybe.


  1. I am amazed at the great production quality. Good stuff.

  2. I know I think that makes it even funnier

  3. I love silly deadpan stuff like that.

  4. Haha :D That’s awesome. His tone of voice throughout the whole thing is so perfect.

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