Long Sleeve Onesies and Christmas Sets

It is funny how excited I was to bring in the boxes of long sleeve onesies yesterday, but I was excited. I’ve been wanting to offer sets in my shop with long sleeves for a while but it’s always just been so crazy busy it didn’t get done but with my annual post Halloween lull I’ve taken advantage of my down time and ordered some up.

So now you can order any of my sets with long sleeves. There is now a “long sleeve add-on” option. Basically any one interested would add the set they want PLUS the add on option to their cart and I’ll make their set with a long sleeve onesie. Now all you need is a pair of tights or baby legs and you’re good to go. Cool huh?

Also with my extra breathing room I’ve had loads of fun adding new Christmas and Ready to Ship stuff to the shop (and more is on it’s way) so be sure to check all it out.


  1. SO adorable, as always!

  2. OMG these are so cute!

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