Naughty Time: Easy Turkey Craft

Last weekend we had a fun little play date at our home. One of our friends brought his kiddos over to play with the naughty nieces while his wife was out of town. The friends showed up in full batman and spiderman costumes (it was awesome). It took some time to get them to take off their masks because they were afraid that we’d “know who they were”. Oh yes a kid’s gotta protect his/her identity after all.

Easy Turkey Craft for Kids at Rae Gun Ramblings

My sister brought a fun easy turkey craft for them. It was so easy I thought some of you might like to do it on for Thanksgiving (or even on Thanksgiving if you need something for the little ones to do)

What you need

  • paper plates
  • construction paper
  • paint
  • double sided tape or glue

What to Do

  1. Cut the plates in half.
  2. Depending on how old the kiddos are either cut the pieces or have them cut the pieces (brown body, white and black eyes, orange beak and red gobbler, it’s called a gobbler right?)
  3. Have them paint the feathers. And let dry (we played some rounds of hide-n-go seek here it was awesome)
  4. Have them take or glue the pieces on.
  5. Marvel in their creativity


  1. I’ve been looking for easy little crafts the kids can do while I’m cooking and this one is perfect!

  2. yeah glad to be of service! thanks for visiting

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