Customer Appreciation Pic: Watermelon Birthday Girl

It’s that time again yup time to look at another stinking adorable little baby. This darling picture if from the very talented Kristine of Kristine Kraft Photography. I love that facial expression she caught. And isn’t this set up so cute! Seeing cuties in my little creations like this pair of watermelon bloomers is seriously one of the best parts of the job. Keep em coming.


  1. How cute!!! I love baby pics and I’m sure it makes it sweeter seeing your creations loved so much!!

  2. How cute! The baby too!


  3. oh totally gorgeous pic !

  4. This is too cute!
    Thanks for visiting and inviting me to the party — looks like I missed this one (I wasn’t on my blog the past few days), but I’ll check back for next time :)


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