Tutorial:The Hunger Games Parachute Decoration

If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy you know that parachutes appear through out the books bringing both good and bad. For my Hunger Games party I knew I wanted one of the decorations to be parachute based. After a lot of thought and wandering around the craft store I came up with this and it just happened to be one of the easiest quickest decoration ideas so it’s perfect for those of you who will be partying before the movie this week. I’ll be saving these for my future Catching Fire and Mockingjay parties but I think this could be really fun for a little boy birthday party.

What You Need

  • Foil Tissue Paper (I found mine at Michael’s with wrapping paper)
  • Wire (floral or jewelry) 
  • Paper Bags
  • Tap
  • String

What To Do

  1. Cut foil into squares (I did 5×5 and 10×10 pieces). Then cut wire and make into rings. I found different sized rings gave different looks and I liked the variety
  2. Tape the ring to the foil in two spots.
  3. Cut paper bags into squares again I did different sizes. Crumple some paper and place in the center to make little pouches.
  4. Fold your thread so you have a bundle of four and tie a knot at one end and cut the other ends so you can separate them. 
  5. Tape the knotted end into the center of your paper bundle.
  6. Wrap some wire around your bundle to secure.
  7. Tape each of the strings to a different corner of the foil.
  8. Hold by the ring. I taped some more string to the top and then hung them from my light fixtures. When the lights were on they gave a minor disco ball effect that was super fun.

Any ways let me know if you try it out. They are super fun and easy. Also I hop you are all still adding all your creations, products, parties and more to the Hunger Game Link party.

And if you haven’t already entered I’ve got some awesome giveaways open. Just click on the text above for details of how to enter each of them. And two more really great ones going up later this week. Only a few more days til the movie comes out eeeeek so so excited!


  1. How fun! Thanks for sharing at Manic Monday!

  2. Super fun and creative! I found you through Polish the Stars link party.

  3. My kids will love this! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  4. Very nice! Great tutorial. The parachute is so cute!!

    Thanks for linking up at Romance on a Dime. Your ideas are so creative!

  5. Those look like a lot of fun and a great decoration for kid parties. Thanks for linking up another one of your great tutorials at the Your Cozy Home Party!

  6. This is super cute Marissa!

    I haven’t read the books.. but I saw the movie on Tuesday.. I honestly think it’s the best movie I have ever seen!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  7. I JUST finished the third book today! Ahhh! Love this banner! Thanks for linking up to the Cutesy Monday link party!


  8. awesome I put-off buying this for months, despite positive reviews.


  9. awesome I put-off buying this for months, despite positive reviews.

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