The Hunger Games Printable Buttons

Hi there Rae Gun Readers!
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I’m so happy to be here today because I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!
I started reading when only the first one was out and impatiently waited for the next two. I loved the entire series and am SO excited for the movie this week {Already have a sitter lined up and going with the hubby and friends Friday night}.
I wanted to come up with something simple and fun for you to use while you attended the movie.
I decided to make some printable Hunger Games buttons.
I couldn’t decide how many to make so I just made a ton.
The first set is made in The Hunger Games font.
I’m not too much a fan of that font, although it’s more like the book, so I decided to make the same buttons but in a different font. :)
{I know, I’m crazy, right?}
All are available for download HERE.
All you will do is download, print at the size you want, cut or punch out and then hot glue a safety pin on back.
You can even laminate the buttons if you want them to last longer.
It’s that easy!
And then you can wear these out at the movies. FUN!
ENJOY, and
May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor. :)


  1. Hmm the download wouldn’t work for me it said I would have to download Desktop 4 Shared…

  2. Hmm I’ll see if krystin can check on it for you

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