For the Love of Books, an Interview and an Insurgent Arc

First I did a super fun interview for Kerrie over at More Life for her “The Art of Reading” series where she’s interviewing creative folks and talking about their reading lives. It’s really interesting and she has hands down the BEST interview questions I’ve ever seen. Hop on over to see where I’d go if I could step into the setting of a book, and experience it first-hand, what one of my earliest reading memories was, and more here.

Second, you should by now be aware of my Divergent obsession (evidence here and here) so you can only imagine how crazy giddy I was that my friend Mark after I jokingly told he he should try to get an Insurgent ARC to review (and ahem let me read) actually managed to pull it off. Oh yes, the two hours between the text and the handing off of the book had me insanely silly with excitement. I’m typing this post and then I’m diving in. Hope you have a good weekend.


  1. So did you finish it? ;)

  2. Thanks for participating in the interview! I loved hearing about your memories and love of reading. And…. I am officially jealous that you get to read Insurgent first! Happy reading!

  3. I’ma SOOOOO jealous!! I love love LOVE Divergent!!!! Enjoy your weekend reading :)


  4. I can not emphasize how excited and jealous of you I am right now! I had commented a couple months ago and because of you I requested that our book club read Divergent. Now everyone in my book club is upset with me because they have to wait for Insurgent to come out.

  5. Just one more month though! I’m glad you all fell in love like me. I can report that I’m super happy with Insurgent and I”m back with the rest of you waiting for the next book only my waits way longer now haha!

  6. You are hilarious! Ah, this is one of those moments when I long for life before kids, when I read and read and read all the time. Ok, moment over – I still get to read – it’s just that now it’s out loud and it all seems to rhyme…

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