Resin Bottle Cap Pins Tutorial with Harry Potter and Hunger Games Printable

Today we have the pleasure of learning how to make awesome Resin Bottle Cap Pins from Heidi of Digknity. I happen to have many of these awesome pins that she made and love them. She shares my love of all things Potter and I dare say she loves The Hunger Games more than I do. I think the last two weeks I got at least one email a day from her about ideas for the party. Also if you haven’t gotten a chance to enter her giveaway click over here to check it out. Without further delay here’s Heidi.


I’ve been wanting to experiment with resin, for, like ever. It all started when I fell in love with “The Incredibles” movie and really wanted a necklace with the logo on it. Apparently it didn’t exist though. So for years I’ve had it in mind to make my own using resin.

Bottle caps are an easy way to try your hand at resin-casting because you don’t have to remove the resin from the mold. The mold is your piece of art. You can use the bottle caps to make pendants as well, but that requires soldering and drilling holes in metal and I just didn’t have the energy for that. So I simply hot-glued pins to the back.

This is a very basic tutorial, as most of your instructions are going to be from the resin kit you buy. I purchased this resin kit from Michael’s, and while the instructions were extremely intimidating, I found the process very easy. And VERY MESSY. Also, I don’t have pictures of the actual process because I hastily decided to do this on a rare day that I was home alone, and you can’t exactly pause during the process to photograph.

What you need:

  • Bottle caps (I had about 40, but this resin kit could probably fill 50-60)
  • 1” circle punch (worth the money; you don’t want to cut out 1” circles by hand)
  • Graphics, slightly larger than 1” in diameter (you can use magazines, photos, things you find online, or the Harry Potter and Hunger Games graphics that I designed which are supplied below)
  • Beads or glitter or other found objects, if you desire
  • Pin Backs
  • Hot glue
  • Resin kit

    For the resin mixing, you’ll want:
  • 2 plastic (non-wax-coated), straight-sided/flat-bottomed cups
  • 2 stirs (I had wood skewers on hand, so I used the blunt end of those)
  • 1 measuring cup that you either don’t mind cleaning with solvent, or you can throw away (I used ½ cup and that worked perfectly)
  • 1 measuring spoon (I didn’t do this, but I think I will next time; I’m guessing maybe ½-1 tsp.)
  • Plastic gloves
  • Mask, if you’re so inclined, or pregnant or something

Get your graphics printed. I had them done on a laser printer on cardstock.

TO DOWNLOAD click on the the image below and then right click to save.


Then cut them out with the circle punch.

Use a dab of hot glue to secure each graphic into the bottle caps. If you are printing your graphics at home, or on an inkjet printer, you may want to seal the paper with Mod Podge or the like. I read that in a tutorial somewhere, but because mine were done on a laser printer, I didn’t need to do that step.

Add any other elements you would like. I used pearl beads and “berry” beads for some of my Hunger Games-themed pins and I think it really added to the awesomeness!

Prepare for resin!

You need a warm room (70-80°), but also ventilated. I used our bathroom, with the window open and the fan on, then after about half a day moved everything downstairs to the basement where we wouldn’t be breathing it and it could stay warm.

You need a flat tray to 1) contain spills and 2) transport easily once they’ve hardened a bit.

Read your resin instructions carefully and follow to a T. It is very quick, so make sure you have everything ready and the instructions mostly memorized so you don’t have to dilly dally during mixing.

Pour into your little bottle caps. If I do this again, I may use a measuring spoon to control how much goes into each mold. I had very uneven amounts from cap to cap because it was difficult to pour straight from the cup. However, they still came out fine.

Let harden for a long time. After about 18 hours mine seemed pretty firm, but in order to make sure they fully set, I gave them a few days.

Hot glue on the pins and give them away to your similarly nerdy friends!

Thanks so much to Heidi for sharing the printable she created and the tutorial. Since she shared this post I’ve discovered and even easier way to make these kind of pendants. 

Faster Method for Bottle Cap Pins

UPDATE with an alternative method!

What You Need

So the idea is the same as the resin bottle caps but we’re cheating by using a ready made product. It dries crystal clear and hard and I actually like the results better than using resin plus it’s WAY easier and faster!

  1. Print and cut out your images.
  2. Glue into your bottle cap.
  3. Add a thick layer of dimensional magic and let dry for 4-24 hours depending on how thick a layer you used.
  4. Glue a necklace bail or pin back onto the bottle cap!

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  7. I’ve never made bottlecaps, but I know people use them for all kinds of crafts. Thanks for sharing how to use the resin on my Your Cozy Home Party! Sounds like you had fun making these.

  8. I’ve never made bottlecaps, but I know people use them for all kinds of crafts. Thanks for sharing how to use the resin on my Your Cozy Home Party! Sounds like you had fun making these.

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  20. Kira your account is set to private so it won’t let me email you back directly but I just did more bottle caps with Dimensional Magic instead of resin and I really liked how they turned out, crystal clear, not sticky and no odor here’s the link to that post

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