Customer Appreciation Pic: Boys Will Be Boys

It’s always fun to get pictures from costumers. Some days I sew and sew and sew and it just feels disconnected but when a cute little photo appears in my inbox or is posted to my facebook page like this one is it’s such a fun reminder that each of my little creations are going to be worn by real life cutie pies.

This darling picture was sent by Renee of Renee Stengel Photography she used one of my basic solid diaper covers. I love what a fun shot this is! Just wanted to share this cuteness with all of you and remind you that if you have any pictures of your little ones in my goodies I always like seeing them feel free to just post them to the facebook page or send them to me in an email.


  1. Cute photo. I have to say that I switched to cloth diapers when I found out I was pregnant with my third. I still had one in diapers at the time and let me tell you it has saved me a bundle. Now my youngest uses those same cloth diapers and my 2nd child has cloth pull-ups. :o) When I had my first and people suggested I change over I thought they were crazy, not any more. I wouldn’t go back to disposable.

  2. Love the pic!

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