Quick and Easy Long Hair Up Do’s

As Summer creeps  up my work room is getting warmer and warmer and up goes my hair. In an effort not to just clump it all haphazardly in a claw clip I’ve been trying out a few different do’s. The only thing is I am the laziest hair person on earth. If I’m going to do something to my hair it’s got to take 5 minutes or less seriously.  Here’s what I’ve been doing lately. If you have some other styles for me to try I’d love for you to share them in the comments!

Tucked Braids. The hair do above is two regular braids tied in a knot and then the ends are tucked in and pinned. This stayed up in my hair all day with just two pins on each side.

Thanks so much for Katnis for bringing back the Side Braid. Yeah we might look back at all these pictures and say “what were we doing?” but for know I’m loving the side braid. I like it best on me going to the opposite side of my bangs.

 This Head Band Tuck only lasted half the day for me. I liked how it looked but I got a headache from the headband. What you do is put an elastic headband along the crown of your head then you pull the length of your hair up and around it and tuck the ends in to get this look. It was pretty easy to do.

 It may be a cheater move but I think the Side Messy Bun is a step up from my normal claw clip do. Yes I use a claw clip but as long as my hair isn’t totally gross I think it looks a little bit more elegant. I just pull it to the side in a messy bunch then clip it and adjust until I like how it looks.
Pardon my What We Wore shot I was too lazy to turn on the old computer where these pictures live. This High Poof is what I normally wear to work out in. But on the days when I just can’t get my hair to do anything I turn to the poof. It’s just a high pony tail where I leave the ends in the rubber band on the last loop of the elastic.
The Double Braid Tuck is another one I turn to when my hair is being difficult. It’s just two braids with the ends folded and rubber banded. This is awesome for really warm days when you don’t want any hair touching you.

And finally the Side Ponytail. I felt a little silly doing it the first few times but I kind of like it. Unlike the side braid I prefer to do this to the same direction of my bangs. I pull my hair to right below my ear and fasten my rubber band and then loosen it at the base a little so it’s not pulled too tight.


  1. I’m so lazy about fixing my hair too… Bum. haha. I usually go with a ponytail and throw a braid across one side to spice it up! haha

  2. Love it!! I have really long hair and it drives me crazy. These looks will be SOOO much better than my usual ponytails and buns… LOL
    BTW, I am also an avid YA reader! I’m going to have to look at your Goodreads! ;)

  3. Thanks for these ideas. I’m trying to grown my hair out, so it will be a little while before I can try some of these, but I’m excited when I finally can try different up-dos.

    Thanks for sharing at Romance on a dime!!

  4. I can’t wait for my hair to get long enough to try some of these looks!!

    New follower from the blog hop, I can’t wait to catch up your posts!

    Check out my blog if you get a chance :)

    xo, Jersey Girl


  5. Sadly, my hair is barely long enough to pull in a ponytail that falls out so much I only wear it that way at home. However, I know your ideas will be very useful for women lucky enough to have long hair. Thanks for sharing at Your Cozy Home Party!

  6. All fabulous! I need to branch our from my ponytail.

  7. TY for the sharing.

    This is really a good tips. My daughter have a long hair.

    Happy day to you.


  8. Great ideas! I too have been wearing my up a lot lately. Too hot to have it on my neck. ;) I love a good fishtail braid!

  9. WHere can I find your elephant umbrella bow necklace??? The is adorable!!

  10. melanie, it won’t let me email you directly (you probably have your email set so it’s hidden) but if here’s the link to the shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/UntamedMenagerie

  11. I too wanted to know where you got your elephant necklace. Thanks for the cute hair ideas! (I linked over from Our Thrifty Ideas)

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