Handmade Halloween: Princess Dress Giveaway (closed)


As a part of my Handmade Halloween Series I as well as many of my blogging friends will be sharing some awesome tips for making homemade costumes. I know that not all of you are sewing inclined so I’ve also got a few fun giveaways planned.
Today I’m giving away a duplicate of the princess dress that I made for naughty niece L this year for her birthday. By the way she absolutely loves hers so I think that your little one will love it too. It’s a bit big on L so I think this would fit for a 5-6 year old. The back has my elastic ruching so that makes the fit more flexible and more likely to last longer.
I’d love you to share this with all of your friends. Even if they already have a Halloween plan this would make a great dress up outfit, Christmas present or like was the case for me birthday present.
For those of you who want to make your own, I’ll be sharing my tutorial on how to add that poofy bustle thing to the skirt tomorrow! updated: Princess Dress Bustle Tutorial here.
And just since I have already gotten the question on Instagram (@raegunramblings) – No I will not be selling these. So if you want one enter the giveaway.

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  1. like jasmine

  2. This is exactly what my kiddo wants for Halloween. With the addition of vampire teeth and a witch hat. But for a base this would be perfect! And even the right size. My fingers are totally crossed!

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  4. Oh my gosh. This is so perfect. Can my parents adopt you so you will be my kid’s aunt?

    We love Rapunzel in this house.

  5. My five year old would LOVE this! Her birthday is next month, she loves to dress up and her favorite colors are pink and purple.

  6. Hmmm, favorite Princess is probably Jasmine! My daughters, however is Snow White!

  7. Cinderella

  8. I know just the right princess for this dress and her mom is LAME at sewing (no really, super lame at sewing…)

    fidgetblogs at gmail dot com

  9. Belle :) Thank you!

  10. dude meadow vampire princess sounds AWESOME! I’m glad using rafflecopter so it’s totally fair or I’d be tempted haha

  11. My daughter LOVES Ariel! I love Aurora from Sleeping Beauty! ;)

  12. I would Love to win that dress… only problem is I have 3 daughters and I’m hoping you’ll share how to make the whole thing so I can make 2 more (if I win!) :o)

  13. shar – Maybe we can do a sew-a-long after I get through my crazy busy Halloween season. WOuld any of you be interested in that?

  14. I have a 5 year old who would love it!!

  15. I grew up loving Ariel, but Belle is the new favorite according to our little princess.

  16. We love all princesses here but our favorite is Rapanzul

  17. very cute. But I don’t have a little girl… yet. Maybe one day.

  18. My daughter’s favourite princess is Rapunzel. She is currently debating between Wonder woman & Rapunzel for Halloween.

  19. I love Ariel!! and my princess Savannah loves tink!!!

  20. I love Ariel!! and my princess Savannah loves tink!!!

  21. Hands down, CINDERELLA! :) pretty dress Marissa!!!

  22. I LOVE this Dress! How perfect!

  23. So my little girl is only 3 months, but I predict that she would love this dress. Ya know once she has thoughts beyond, where’s the boob? and I wish I could roll myself over.

    My favorite princess is Cenicienta which is Cinderella in Spanish. The first time I saw it I translated it as “Little Ashes” and couldn’t figure out why that was relevant in the knock off Disney Cinderella book I was reading to my Panamanian next door neighbors.

  24. I have always loved Cinderella, even had the cassette tape when I was little.

  25. Either the Paper Bag Princess in the book by Robert Munsch(?) or the one in the song “The Princess Who Saved Herself.”

  26. We love Snow White!

  27. Princess Ariel is my favorite

  28. Oh gosh Marissa!! I just LOVE this dress!! And I think Ariel is my fav!

  29. My 4 year old loves Snow White and my 2 year old loves Cinderella.

  30. We love all the princesses in this house, but Rapunzel is top of the list right now!!

  31. I like Cinderella

  32. My daughter is loving snow white right now! But I’ve always been partial to Ariel

  33. Love Mulan! She is awesome. But I am slowly rediscovering the princess movies, as my girls are just discovering them. Great memories!

  34. My daughter asks me frequently to buy her princess dresses. This would be perfect!!

    Thank you!!!

  35. Aurora!

  36. Please puleeeese pick me! My soon-to-be 6 year old would be thrilled beyond words!

  37. Cinderella!

  38. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

  39. I really like Belle!

  40. I am a totally inexperienced grandma who would love to try this BUT since I don’t have the talent I would settle for winning one!
    And we Love ALL the Princess

  41. My daughter would love this!!! Not to mention that it would be an EXCELLENT birthday present!

  42. Oh and I love Jasmine!!!!

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