Handmade Halloween: 20 Minute Dwarf/ Gnome Costume Tutorial

Today I’m hanging out over at Train to Crazy sharing my 20 Minute Dwarf/Gnome costume. Yup it’s a speedy one. It’s also very little sewing so it would be great for a beginning sew-er. Hop on over for my full step by step tutorial.

UPDATED with tutorial (giveaway is now closed)

You’ll Need

  • Tunic Fabric
  • Sash Fabric
  • Fleece for the Hat

First lay down a loose fitting shirt of your kiddos to get a close size. You want to pick a top that doesn’t need to stretch to be put on or worn. Cut the basic shape. For the neck I’d cut the V shallow since you can always make it deeper if necessary.

Cut points into the bottom edge of the shirt pieces.  The front and the back are the same.

Sew together at the shoulders. Then sew the side seams.

Try it on your kiddo. If it doesn’t fit over their head cut the V a bit wider in the front. Grab a scrap of contrasting fabric and tie around the waist for a sash. If you need it longer then tie sew the edges of two straps together. I didn’t finish it at all.

For the hat I just cut two triangles out of fleece. Then with right sides together I sewed up the long edge and called it good.

If you want you can finish your seams and top stitch along the edged for better wear but if this is just going to serve as a one or two day Halloween costume I’d vote for saving yourself some time and calling it done. I thought the rough look of it fit the whole dwarf thing. Just throw on a pair of pants, tights or leggings and you’re good to go.

It was so easy that I’m actually giving away the one I made to make a tutorial on my blog. Come on over to enter.

It was SO fast and I didn’t take pictures of the process back when L was a dwarft (and so stinking cute), I’m giving away the one I made up for the tutorial.

This one is probably about a 3T sized outfit but it’s such a flexible fit a younger or smaller older kiddo could probably still fit into it. It’s about 23 inches in the chest -so that would be skin tight on a 23 inch chest- and 19 inches at the longest point, but you could always cut off some length if you want it shorter and the neck isn’t quite as wide on this new one as in the picture above).

To enter see the widget below (if you do not see it try refreshing your browser). Also the entries are not prioritized you can do any of them you don’t need to go down the list in order, if you just want to comment that works!

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  1. Love this cute little costume! So adorable!

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