Book Club: Beautiful Creatures Movie, Tile Bookmarks, Candy Bags, Printables and More

To commemorate the Beautiful Creatures movie which comes out next week (2/14/13) I made some fun bookmarks. I actually just got home after having the honor of attending a pre-screening the film. As some of you know the book club has been reading/re-reading Beautiful Creatures in time for the movie. I have to say after watching the trailers I was really nervous that this would be one big hoke fest but for the most part it was pretty good and stuck with the spirit of the book. See more of my thoughts below.

back: Kimberly, Summer and Friend, Jamie, Leah, Heidi, Meadow,  Jen, Penelope, Shay, Linda, Me, Sarah 
front: Tanya, Carrie, Meghan, Debra (Carissa also came too)

To celebrate the movie and the first outing for the local members of the Rae Gun Ramblings Book Club I made some swag bags. I threw in a mix of official movie promo stuff that I received and some of my own creations. I thought I’d share in case you plan on going to the show with your friends and want to surprise them with some Beautiful Creatures swag.

I made the book marks by using tiled letter squares I picked up from Michaels Crafts and images I made most of them from Novel Novice’s awesome Beautiful Creatures wallpapers (thanks Sara for sharing) as well as this fun tumblr pic (scroll to the bottom for a printable).

They are so simple and easy you can make them out of any image or see below a printable of what I used. If using your own images size them to the size of your wood times (in my case .75x.75 inches). Print it off and let dry completely. Trim down to size. Glue to your tile. Cover in Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (I used regular on some and glitter on others). Once that is completely dry glue a large paper clip to the back being mindful of both the direction of the tile art and the paper clip. Let dry and you’ve got a fun paperclip book mark.

Lena is described as smelling of lemons and rosemary.  And since the whole story is about her fear of whether she will be claimed as a light caster (with green eyes) or a dark caster (with yellow eyes) and she is encouraged to “claim herself” I gave my movie buds lemon and green candies with the little message above. Feel free to print it out for yourself.

 (click on images to enlarge and right click to save)

So what did I really think of the movie? 

They got Lena, Ethan, Macon, and Link’s personalities right on and that was great. There were some HUGE changes that I’m glad I knew going in or else I think it would have been so distracting. First, there is NO Marian, they combined her and Amma into one character, second it seems like they made Macon into a caster not an incubus, and Savanna Snow is not blonde. There were small changes throughout the movie that I was fine with. Since the meltdown of Deathly Hallows Part I I’ve learned a lot about the process of transitioning a book to a movie and come to accept that there will always be changes. So up until the last 20 minutes of the book I was enjoying it (even with some moments of over the top cheese) but the ending had me staring at the screen with my mouth hanging open. When it finished I turned to Debra (Housewife Eclectic) and we both burst out laughing since we didn’t know what to say. They CHANGED A LOT. Like major changes kids. Remember how they took all the glory from Nevile in the last Potter movie and you were like woah what happen to the book story, it was like that times 10. Like how on earth will they do the sequels. Like holy crap that didn’t happen changes. Like oh hmmm that’s a totally different story now. Like oh hey wasn’t he/she a bad/good guy in the book? Do I regret seeing it? Heck no. I still liked it but I was really confused with why they’d change so much of the story for the ending. It’s more bizarre to me than anything else. I’m a sucker for movies based on books I love so I still thought it was good fun and worth seeing. I went into it thinking it’s be kinda lame so I was pleasantly surprised that for the most part it was a good flick. But if you’re a lover of the books like me just know there are some major plot lines/character details are are flat out re-written.

Want to join the bookish fun? We do a lot of book talk over at the book club home on goodreads and we’re reading The Host next.


  1. Ugh. I was hoping Jeremy Irons “Macon is a caster” was just a slip up. :/ Is there a Boo? :(

  2. Awesome! I’m so jealous! I wish I could have been there…

  3. I feel similarly about the True Blood TV series vs the Sookie Stackhouse book series. I love them both, but they are really not the same thing… of course, it’s probably harder to maintain continuity between a TV series & a book series! Sometimes I like watching movies before reading the books, because I feel like you can ruin a movie, but you can never truly ruin a good book.

  4. Oooh – thanks for the heads up Marissa! I am still looking forward to seeing it, but it’s good to know there are major changes.
    It looks like the screening was a lot of fun!

  5. Love how easy the bookmarks are to DIY! Way cute!

  6. O gosh, now I’m even more nervous. Did they change the end in a way that makes you think there will even be a sequel at all?

    Also, Love the bookmarks, and really wish I could have come out with you guys! Looks like you all had a great time.

  7. I was so disappointed. There were just to many things they left out, changed or rewrote and Ethan’s accent made me laugh. Thanks for including me but this book to movie was a major meh for me. *shrugs*

  8. saw your craft at Craft-O-Maniac today. It’s nice and cute! I’d love to try this one!

  9. I loved the swag bags you gave us! Especially the cute ‘lemon and rosemary’ bags. What a cute touch! Thanks, and thanks for putting the screening together! It was fun getting to watch it with everyone.

  10. Fun idea! Thank you for the great explanation on how to recreate.
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  11. Great idea to make the tiles into bookmarks, so cute!

  12. oh, i’m bummed i missed the pic! i had sooo much fun:) thanks again marissa!

  13. oh, and i think i ate all the lemondrops in one sitting. i forgot how much i loved them

  14. I can’t wait for this! I wish Mortal Instruments would jump start production like Beautiful Creatures :)

    I’m looking forward to both adaption :)

  15. Just found your blog through the Pin Junkie and I love the bookmark idea!

  16. Love the bookmarks, such a cute project. Thanks for sharing at Artsy Corner :)

  17. Those are great bookmarks! Love it!!

  18. I have a question. I love these and would love to make some for myself. What type of paper did you print on? Is it photo paper? Thanks so much.

    Nikki Prince

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