What’s For Dinner: Week 159 Breathless Reads

I had such a fun busy with with a bunch of signings and times with friends. I couldn’t get a wifi signal at any of the signings but I plan on sharing them on Instagram soon. By the way if you haven’t been to Communal in Provo, Utah and you’re within driving distance. I TOTALLY recommend it! I was so good Every.Single.Bite. We got to sit at the bar which we loved since we were able to watch them make everything and it all looked so good. Like seriously I would drive down there for food in a snap it was so tasty.

And as a bonus you might be able to run into Ally Condie, Marie Lu  and the rest of the awesome Breathless Reads crew if you time it right and you can keep your fangirling going strong ;)

We were home for exactly 1 meal last week. Luckily all the activities were pretty fun so I’m not complaining. My busyness continues so I’m keeping it short this week (even though I’ve got tons of pictures to share but I’ll throw them on IG) since I need to tidy up before my company gets here.

Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies, Whole Grain, Fish)
Sunday Catfish Tacos Grains and nuts: granola bars
Veggies: Peas
Fish: Catfish
Monday Meatball Mixed Pasta
Tuesday Chicken Cobb Salad
Wednesday Eat out
Thursday Sausage Risotto and Peas
Friday Chicken and Two Potatoes
Saturday Beautiful Creatures Party


  1. Yum! Those pictures look divine and the Breathless Reads sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. AH! Were you at the signing? I would have loved to meet you in person!
    PS, I have enjoyed stalking your blog the last couple weeks. :)

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