Some Cute Ruffly Baby Butts While I Recover

Totally spoke too soon. So I may have been awake all day yesterday but I haven’t eaten much and my energy level is still hovering above non-existent. But each day seems to be an improvement on the last at least.

Yesterday I tried to save all my energy by hanging out in bed and then headed for a meeting where all I had to do was sit and that was still really hard. A big giant boo.

in my Solid Ruffle Bums in Navy

But today is starting off better. But that being said, my brain is a bit useless so even though I’ve got a few tutorials (like T’s mermaid outfit, a fun pouch, a few recipes, and those mermaid cookies) I’d love to share, I’m just going to give you some of the lovely customer appreciation pictures that have come in. Some are years old eek! The kids are already doing algebra, okay not quite.

in my Retro Ruffler in Africa

I don’t know about you but I just don’t get tired of seeing cuties in my outfits. Really it seems like such a little thing but it really does make my day when one of these appears in my inbox.

In my discontinued Piggy Ruffle Diaper Cover Set

And as always if you have any pictures of your little ones in my gear that you want to share feel free to email them to me, post them on the Rae Gun facebook page, or tag @raegunramblings on instagram.


  1. You poor thing! Hope you are feeling better! x gorgeous pics!

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