What’s For Dinner and Going On Week #170

Black Sheep Cafe

So I finally made the big switch to wordpress. If you’re reading this I guess you found me phew that’s a relief. I have to say it was pretty stressful but not too bad. We’ll see. I hope you’ll update any subscriptions and bookmarks. I am now calling https://www.raegunramblings.com home (did you think that’s what it was this whole time? yup that’s why I changed it so it could finally make sense).

Those of you wordpress veterans I’d love to hear what your favorite plugins and tips and tricks are. I’m trying not to feel too lost but it took me like half an hour to figure out hot to resize my pictures without losing the quality.

And if you’re drooling over my food pictures (because I know I am), these are from a restaurant we tried for the first time this week. Black Sheep in Provo, Utah. It’s totally delicious and amazing and so worth the drive. Really I’ve been singing their praises to everyone who will listen since we ate there earlier this week.

Stephanie Perkins and Margaret Stohl Icons Tour

We were down in Provo for a fun book signing. The super funny and cute Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss) and Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures Series). I’ve read all of their books (well except for Margaret’s newest release Icons) and I thoroughly enjoyed them. They were absolutely delightful and down right funny.

On the menu for this week…

Day Main Meal Goals (Veggies, Whole Grain, Fish)
Sunday Chicken Alfredo Grains and nuts: pasta
Veggies: Zuccs, Salad
Fish: Shrimp
Monday Red Iguana
Tuesday Thai Feast at my moms
Wednesday Eat Out
Thursday Red Iguana
Friday Fun Bus Buffet
Saturday Fondue


  1. Blog looks good!

  2. I like the new look Marissa! Yesterday I was at Barnes and Noble and I kept wishing I had your number because I wanted to ask you if you’d read any of the books I was looking at.

  3. Your site looks great Marissa :)!! Isn’t wordpress awesome? and the food looks soo yummy!

    • marissa says:

      well I wish I was to the it’s awesome stage. I think I’m still at. Okay it’s not all broken that’s good for now stage haha

  4. So fun! I have been looking for signings coming up and nothing as of yet…. long and boring summer. ;)

  5. I am always excited for a new place to try! Maybe next date night.

  6. I’ve heard FANTASTIC things about Black Sheep – I must get up there!

    Your site looks great btw, it’s crazy daunting at first, but we’re lucky to be surrounded my blog experts, so it’ll all work out! Loves!

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