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Great baby books that aren't the same old same old that people give at showers - Rae Gun Ramblings

My name is Marissa and I can’t stop buying books for my baby. It figures that when I’d finally get my own book buying obsession under control I’d just start buying books for Teddy. I’m great at using the library for most of my books but I’m still kind of grossed out about the idea about borrowing baby books. I don’t know I’ve seen what other people let their kids do to books ewww.

Great baby book round up that aren't the standards - Rae Gun Ramblings

But back on topic, since I am now a baby book connoisseur ;) I thought I’d share what books we are enjoying every month! So to kick it off here are a few of my favorite books I’ve been ready with Teddy. Some were gifts some I bought myself. I just think it’s fun since there are SOOOOO many amazing books out there but every baby shower I go to you see the same 3-4 standards. And yes I think all babies need the standards but it’s fun to give ones that most people haven’t hear of too!

That's Not My Dragon and other cute baby books- Rae Gun Ramblings

That’s Not My Dragon

Have you guys heard of the That’s Not My series of board books from Usborne books? They are SO cool and they have tons with lots of different topics but this dragon one is so cute each page opens up to a two page spread with a sensory thing included. It’s very cute and fun to have him touch every thing. Teddy especially likes the last page! If you don’t know about Usborne books they are only sold through parties and consultants. I was a newbie to them but when I saw how cool the books were I asked where the store was and learned about their set up so I couldn’t resist becoming a consultant since I can’t pass up free books. So if you click through my link you’ll actually be taken to my page. But also I’m having  Facebook party this coming Monday if you want you are all invited.

HOOT Hide-and-Seek and other unique baby books - Rae Gun Ramblings

HOOT Hide-and-Seek Book of Counting!

This was a book my mom brought us and it is great for learning about colors and counting. Also it rhymes, we’re suckers for rhyming books. The story is really cute and there are cut outs that make it fun to see what’s coming next and to touch for Teddy.

Super Hero Busy Bodies and other awesome books for baby - Rae Gun Ramblings

Super Hero Busy Bodies

I am beyond thrilled about this book. I shared some of the Super Hero board books with you before and they are some of my all time favorites. They are SOOOOO well done and so cute. So I was giddy when I found out that they came out with more. The new ones are just as fantastic. What I love about these books is that they are fun for baby and parent. They really are great teaching books. And I love how the lessons are so creative. In this one you learn all about your body but with the fun of Super Heros. And of course I think it’s awesome to pass down the geekiness so early. You just cannot go wrong.

Nighty Night Little Green Monster and other great books to give your favorite baby - Rae Gun Ramblings

Nighty Night Little Green Monster

This was another gift from my mom. I’m telling you it’s totally her fault that I’m book obsessed! This has really darling cut outs that fit with the next page of the story. It’s SO sweet. I love the story of it and it’s a great night time book.

Great unique books for your next show or baby gift - Rae Gun Ramblings

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  1. I bought a LOT of board books after first seeing them at the library. Yeah, there’s the slick “ick, germs!” factor, but going through their display exposed us to a lot of books I’d never heard of.

    I nominate Sheep in a Jeep for your collection.

  2. I have worked at a library, and yeah, those board books are not sanitary . . . good choice on your part! I am (was) a Usbourne consultant and I was going to talk about Usbourne books later this month too as a Christmas gift recommendation. I LOVE books and Usbourne books are great quality for a great price! I am the aunt that always gives the Christmas and birthday present of books. ;) However, now I am stock-piling for my family because we are expecting our first child in April. I have already built up quite the children’s library at home, but I do need to add more board books. I still have most of my Usbourne books. I hope your show goes well!

  3. Looks like you’re going to have a book-loving little one, too! These ideas look fun – makes me wish I had a baby to share them with! ;)

  4. I’m expecting my first baby (yay!) and cannot wait to have lots of little books to read. I’m on the fence about getting used books, on one hand – it’s way more economical, but I completely understand the baby germs part too!

  5. These books are so colourful and really great for babies.I also have the habit of buying books.We also borrow books from the library.Visiting from #homemattersparty

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