Sew Our Stash Floral Cardigan

Sew Our Stash is all about giving ourselves a deadline and making sewing for ourselves a priority.

DIY floral cardigan a knock off Forever 21 sewing project

We’ve put it on the calendar (the last Thursday of the month) and even if that means we’re scrambling on Wednesday to whip something up and take some pics that’s what Flamingo Toes Bev and I are doing. I have to admit this month it was definitely a scramble. I know for me this month just FLEW by and I know Bev was sewing up her top just yesterday too.

Fast DIY cardigan with pockets

BUT the point is we did it and we each have a new wearable. Mine actually still needs to be finished (sleeves hemmed) but you get the point. And SOOOO sorry for the junky photos I was trying to snap them before an appointment and the room I usually take pictures in is torn apart because I’m got a Sewing Box (eeep so excited) that is half built and totally blocking my dressform.

Floral Cardigan handmade

I live in cardigans so I tried to take the pattern off of one of my favorite Forever 21 styles. I’d say it went OK. It could have been better. But that’s fine since this was a tester. I have some awesome star knit fabric that I want to use when I fix the pattern.

DIY floral cardigan collage

It’s a bit wide at the shoulders and even though the original cardigan is has a flowy band around the front/neck I might see what I think about a folded band so if it flaps back at the neck there won’t be inside seams showing. (Also, what is ALL over my pants?)
Easy pockets on a DIY cardigan

I love the pocket detail. I think My pieces are right and I put it together right I just need to make the back piece a bit smaller at the neck and shoulder. TMI? Do you really care about all those little details? Well hopefully next month I’ll be able to show you a star one that is perfect!

knock off forever 21 diy cardigan

Did you sew anything for yourself this month? I hope you did and if you posted it anywhere I’d love you to comment with a link and if it’s on social media be sure to used #sewourstash so we can see it. If you don’t have it any where feel free to post it to the Rae Gun Ramblings Facebook page. I would love to see it! And don’t forget to see what Bev made!

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  1. Well, just the fact that you can take a pattern from an existing piece of clothing is amazing to me. I have tried so many times!!!! But, I’m going to try again. You have inspired me to sew MY stash and not buy any new fabric until the stash has at least gone down enough for there to be room for more!!
    Your cardigan is adorable and I’m looking forward to seeing the next one!!

  2. That is so cute Marissa! I love the flowy look to it and that floral knit is so pretty! Love it! And yay for last minute sewing! 😊

  3. Marissa, I love the floral print of your cardigan, and the floaty style pattern you made up for it. I can’t imagine just sitting down & figuring out a pattern from looking at a garment……the idea just makes me nervous! We have a large population of Hmong people, from Vietnam, here in Central California and I remember years ago as an R.N., working on an embroidery square for a quilt baby gift for another nurse. This young woman came up to me at lunch and she was embroidering her own design as she went along, she said there was no way she could use/follow a pattern, I laughed & said I couldn’t do what she did! We both agreed it’s how you learned to do it. They make up beautiful designs about their daily lives back in Vietnam. Sort of like the American Indians bead and silver work. I also saw some of your other work and Bev’s as well, great jobs! I’ll try to keep following your site. And check out some of your patterns. Thank you so much, both of you, Jen

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