7 Reason Sewing Crafters Need the Cricut Maker

Years ago I sat in a room full of sewing friends telling them about my love for my Cricut cutting machine. “But can it cut fabric”, they asked?

Great seeing the Cricut Maker through the eyes of a sewing crafter

That was the dream, sure I could bond my fabric and force it to cut but that totally changed the fabric and how it could be used. I loved the Cricut for all it did but this year Cricut made my dreams come true by not only releasing a revolutionary new machine, the Cricut Maker, that finally DOES cut fabric but by adding features that I didn’t even think to ask for. Watch this video it’s SO cool!

So today, after I’ve had a chance to play with this glorious machine for a month I’m sharing 7 reason this machine is a must have in my sewing and craft room. And for those of you who have been wondering if YOU need a Cricut Maker hopefully I can shed some light.

#1 It Cuts All Kinds of Materials Including Fabric

With previous machines we could cut a lot but we had to be creative. We could certainly cut all sorts of paper and paper like materials (like bonded fabric) but with this machine we can cut from super delicate things like silk and tissue paper to thicker things like chipboard! The machine been reworked completely to be able to be capable of new materials. The rotary blade swivels so you don’t run the risk of snagging and dragging your fabric with the normal fine point blade and the soon to be released knife blade will allow us to cut DEEP and fast. I saw leather and even chipboard cut out with this puppy! Can you say jewelry, and puzzles, and ornaments, and gifts, oh the possibilities. But best to me is that it adds all this new functionality to all the things we could do with the previous Cricut cutting machines. That’s a huge plus because as much as I love the idea of a machine that cuts fabric I need to be able to switch back and forth easily and I’m telling you, I totally can.

great post all about the cricut maker and how sewing crafters will use it

#2 It Allows You to Make Custom Fabrics

My number one use for my Cricut machines over the years has been to make custom fabrics. Did you even know this was an option? I do it by cutting out heat transfer vinyl and applying it to my fabrics or finished sewing projects. There have been SO many times that I just want a certain fabric (often times Harry Potter related) and I can’t for the life of me find anything that works. Well with this machine I can just design what I want, in the size I want, and bam I now have one of kind fabrics for my projects EXACTLY to my specifications. Fun fact, I actually looked into manufacturing fabric for my baby costume business but instead I cut my designs out on my Cricut Maker and Iron them with the Cricut Easy Press on voila the fabric I need without the minimums and high costs and risks for manufacturing!

#3 It Is VERY Easy to Use

I’m am not technologically savvy. I am competent but I struggle with photo editing basics. My head glazes over if you bring up the word vectors. That being said, this machine is so easy to use all you have to do is plug it in and follow the prompts. I tried to use a Silhouette once (I even got it for free) and for the life of me could not figure it out, it just was so confusing and stressed me out. This works so easily and everything is crazy intuitive. Making it a tool perfect for newbies and pros. And if you’re a mix, say a pro-sewer but a newbie party planner it’s perfect for that. You can feel free to test the waters in all kinds of new crafts because this machine can handle them all.

cricut maker hexie coasters

#4 It Cuts the Fabric Faster and BETTER Than You

I don’t know about you but when I want to sew, I want to sew. Cutting is a necessary evil. And when I do it I do the bare minimum. I haven’t cut notches in a decade. Sometimes I’ll cut a little nick into my fabric to mark the spots where the pieces should match up but you guys this machine does ALL OF THAT for me. Like really it’s magical not only that but it cuts it EXACTLY the right way every time so the pieces match up perfectly.

Between the time it takes to lay out pattern pieces, cut the pattern and then the fabric (if you’re using digital patterns, print and tape together before you can even start that) sending a project to cut on the Maker is so much faster. You select your project and it lets you know which fabrics need to be cut in which pieces by showing them on different colored mats. It saves so much brain power and energy!

But there’s something extra magical for those of you who have apple mobile devices. In the free Cricut Design Space app there is this feature called SNAP MAT and it’s like magic. You can lay your fabric scraps on your cutting mat take a picture of the mat within the app and the program places the designs perfectly so you don’t have to worry about wither the image will fit or is laid in just the right place. My fussy quilting friends went absolutely crazy over this feature.

so awesome I will never mark my fabric the same way again

#5 It Marks the Fabric FOR You

I passionately hate marking my fabric but sometimes you need those markings. I just feel like I never get it quite where it’s supposed to go. This past week I tried the fabric marker out for the first time. Yup this thing has a WASHABLE FABRIC MARKER that you can insert and it can do the marking for you!

I needed to do the embroidering for this sweet little bunny face and in just a couple swipes the Cricut Maker drew my sewing lines like it was nothing. I’ve been putting off getting into embroidery but with it being this easy to transfer a design to my fabric I am so gonna make all the gorgeous things and you know have my not as glamorous but totally necessary pattern markings in just the right spots.

#6 It Allows You to Do Multiple Tasks at Once

You can set it and do something else while it does the work. This blows my mind you guys. As long as you take a few minutes to be organized with a plan you can have the machine cut out projects WHILE you are sewing them. It’s really amazing. Now when you’re making a batch of Christmas presents you can start on them or make more without having to stop sewing. I know for myself I tend to make 3 of everything 1 for teddy and 1 for each of my nieces. Now instead of all that extra prep time I can be sewing and finishing while I have the machine do the cutting and marking. Its so fun!

cricut maker sewing projects so many awesome diy ideas

#7 It Has an Amazing Growing Library of Projects

The Maker runs with the free Cricut Design Space program a part of that includes 50 free sewing projects (cut files, instructions, and pictures) as well as a giant, continually growing library of more sewing projects available for a small individual fee or as apart of their membership program. This includes projects designed with some of the top names in the sewing world like Simplicity and Riley Blake Designs! And I haven’t even mentioned the thousands and thousands of non-sewing designs and projects but that’s a whole other post. These above are just a few of the darling projects!

I love a great pattern and project I just need to follow the steps for but what is really exciting to me is that you can make your own dreams come to life. Anything you can imagine and design you can create as a project. It is as simple as opening a file to import a design, adding draw marks, and it will have for you to sew!

simplicity mermaid stuffie pattern for the cricut maker

As a sewer I’m over the moon with this machine. I cannot wait to find all the uses that I have not even considered. If you are a sewing enthusiast, whether you make apparel and crafts like I do or create stunning quilts, you will certain find tons of fun applications for the Cricut Maker.

This Cricut Maker looks so cool would be a game changer in a sewing room.

Do you have questions? Whether it’s with my own experience or technical questions I would love to help you find an answer!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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